Crash Diet

August 22, 2012 7:18pm CST
I need to lose weight.... and FAST! Any suggestions, mylotters?
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@marcmm (1806)
• Malaysia
23 Aug 12
I strictly against crash diet. Why? Because when we take less food, our body will assume we are starving. Because of that it will store the fats instead of burning it. We will struggle more like this. So how we can lose weight fast? Change a bit of your diet and exercise a lot. Take just protein source and vege. Stop all those carbs intake. Lean meat, toufu, beans is the source of protein you can take. Then take a lot of vege and fiber. With a lot of exercise, it will speed up your weight loss.
• United States
23 Aug 12
go to ebay and order a turbbo jam dvd it will help you lse weight fast. also switch your dinner plate for a smaller one and bowl and also eat less food. drink more water than anything else and you should see some weight loss.
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23 Aug 12
exercise and quit junk food! :)
• Philippines
23 Aug 12
would you like to go running with me? or maybe we could do muay thai.
@wolfie34 (26792)
• United Kingdom
28 Aug 12
For me diets don't work, as for cash diet they are a recipe for disaster! When you crash diet you deny your body of what it needs so your metabolism slows down meaning that it will be harder to lose weight, and also you cannot crash diet for the rest of your life and when you start eating properly the weight will soon return! It is not healthy for your body either and your health will suffer. For me exercise is the key. I work out at the gym three times a week and that keeps my weight down. If you exercise and eat sensibly the weight will come off. It is a lot healthier to lose on average 2lbs per week, so it's not such a shock to your body system.
@rog0322 (2834)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
24 Aug 12
Hi, Please don't lose weight, I hate to see skinny persons, they look so sick and almost ready to be blown away by the slightest breath of a southern wind. Personally, I'd love to have a heavier partner, maybe I'm the wrong guy that have answered this post. Sorry.
@djalex14 (195)
• Canada
23 Aug 12
I can give you an advice..Just do much sport and eat more vegetables...Dont work? Go to a specialst..He will help you..and you will be pleased.
@tessa9 (1086)
• Philippines
23 Aug 12
You will probably hear from a lot of the post that you should not lose weight too fast but for me their are instances where a short cut is what a person needs. This is what I did a month before my graduation. I needed to lose 10 pounds because I gained a lot during the holidays when I went to visit my mom. What I did was to do 15 minutes aerobics exercises like jogging or running but I mostly did swimming. I did this before breakfast. You should know your body though because you need to stop what you are doing when you feel nauseous or whatever. Don't push yourself too much. I did this every morning. I would do additional 30 minutes cardio three times a week. I would also limit my portions. I ate whatever I wanted but the portions where small. I lost 14 pounds the day before my graduation.
23 Aug 12
healthy's the best solution. um,... 1. breakfast: eat more rice with meat and vegetable. 2. lunch: eat litte rice and no meat. 3. dinner: eat little, meat try yogurt, ice cream and milk.
• Philippines
23 Aug 12
hello, there are many ways to lose weight,first self-desciplined,determanation to lose weight,second, there are plenty of dietary food to eat,slimming drink,slimming food suppliments and of course you need to exercise to maintain your good health.
@Angelpink (4022)
• Philippines
23 Aug 12
Why ? you're joining a beauty contest ? Lol ! Seriously , lower down intake of carbohydrates and chocolates that will help. Also no carbonated softdrinks , just pure water alone. Hope this tip can help , goodluck then..
@Hatley (164465)
• Garden Grove, California
23 Aug 12
eynjel hi Yes, see y our doctor andlisten to him tell you any weight you lose fast you will pu t back on faster, cut your calories to no less than 1500 a day and exercise a half hour every day. make it a life style change not a diet and do this slow but consistently and the weight you lose will stay off you much longer. too fast just comes right back on.vitamin tablets every day and plenty of water will also help,