Irresponsible dumping of garbage

@toyota4k (1212)
August 22, 2012 11:15pm CST
It was early in the morning yesterday and a knock at the door jerked me up my seat at the kitchen table. I was then told that a stinking smell at the roadside 500 meters due to an unidentified truck, may have dumped garbage there during the night. Upon inspection we saw how the culprit just left two sack-full of decaying meat just by the road. We had no idea where the stuff may have come from. It was a smelly job burying the that thing that I decided to hit him by the nose if I ever see that person responsible for all that mess. With that, we posted warnings provided for by our local government unit for future violators to the ordinance prohibiting dumping of garbage along the road within our area of jurisdiction. It read, "WE JAIL DUMPERS BY THE ROAD!!!"
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@bellis716 (4806)
• United States
24 Aug 12
Dumping is illegal every place that I've ever lived, but people do it anyway. Occasionally it is out of ignorance, but I believe that it is usually because people don't want to pa y the fee at the d ump. The sad thing is that most of the items that are left by the roadside are small enough that they would have been picked up by the regular garbage truck had they just been left by the curb on the regular pick-up day.. Littering and the dumping of unwanted animals is also illegal, but.......................
@toyota4k (1212)
• Philippines
27 Aug 12
Irresponsible dumping pf garbage can cause disease outbreak and would clog the water ways and eventually floods. I simply also shows how negligent the dumper is.
@sishy7 (27592)
• Australia
23 Aug 12
That's really bad and could pose serious health problems to the area! This week is white goods pick up on my street. So over the week end we put stuff we want to throw away on the curb. By morning we noticed that there were more stuff in front of our house than what we put the night before. It's rather annoying to think that some strangers just decided to dump their junks in front of our house.
@jazel_juan (15767)
• Philippines
23 Aug 12
That is totally bad and that must suck too. That smell must really be infuriating! i would also get mad if that happens near us.