Near Death: A Nerve Wracking Experience

@Shavkat (69495)
September 5, 2012 6:59am CST
It was a crystal clear to remember, the most nerve wracking experience of my life. I was a fresh graduate student in College in 1999. After graduation, I actively helped out in our family business. My mother gave me the task to travel for 2 hours, to pick up the stocks from a supplier. It was around 4:00 AM, my Uncle, a helper and I set off from the house. My Uncle was the one driving the forward truck, while having a conversations along the way. I felt sleepy, so I decided to take a quick nap before the vehicle move towards the bridge. I'm about to feel asleep, but my Uncle and the helper suddenly mum's their words or kept silent. It is not normal for having cessation of conversations. As I opened my eyes, the forward truck was in the middle of the road and the speed was so fast. During that moment, a ten wheeler truck was on the speed towards us. The adrenaline rushed and took the attention of my Uncle to focus. He seemed shock for the imminent death that may happen. There is no time to get back on the right lane, so he decided to push through the left lane towards a shallow ravine. The truck was supposed to get into the shallow ravine, but the rear side of the vehicle was hit by the ten wheeler truck. Subsequently, the forward truck that we ride on returned back to the road. Then, the truck pivoted for three or four times. It was like a turtle twirls around a pivot. At that moment, I was thinking that we are all going to die instantly. Believe it or not, I prayed to God. And say, "Let my family be strong enough to handle this kind of tragedy. After a few seconds of twirling, the side of our vehicle strike the cemented pole at the left lane. Then, the forward truck stop and slide down the ravine. It takes a few minutes, before my Uncle, the helper and I went out from the crashed door. We were in shocked and shivering for the near death that we encountered. Luckily, my Uncle and the helper had minor bruises and contusion of their extremities, but I don't have a remarkable injuries. People came to rescue us, then I called my family of what had happened. After a few hours, they came. It was a valuable moment, I hugged them and tears started to drop from eyes down to my cheeks. I thought, I will never seer them again. Looking back, it was really a close to death. Now, I spend most of the time with the family and feeling grateful for the second life.
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@ElicBxn (60892)
• United States
5 Sep 12
I was in a serious accident when I was in my second year of college. I flipped a car on the freeway - the police man said I was probably going about 45 when I hit the other car (that was stopped without flashers or flags or anything.) He said I was very lucky.
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@roberten (3131)
• United States
9 Sep 12
That had to be terribly scary for all of you. Your God answered your prayers. You have been given a second chance at life, an opportunity that many others have not received. May this experience enhance the rest of your life with all things positive.
• India
6 Sep 12
Hello my friend Shavkat Ji, Well, I think you had horryfying life experience at this young age. What I believe, if you area Lady, look into your left palm having life line broken at some place and then running deep, means you had life break momentarily. But now, you will be completing 100 yrs. I wish this turn out to be only one and last life experience. May God bless You and have a great time
@blue65packer (11835)
• United States
6 Sep 12
What an amazing story! You,your uncle and the helper were really lucky! I think God was watching over you that day!I never have eperienced anything like this. Like you alot of people,who have been through what happen to you,are also very grateful for a second chance!
@julyteen (13259)
• Davao, Philippines
6 Sep 12
A time to rejoice. Imagine you are about to leave the world on that indecent. Better all of you was safe after that twirling scenario. You should celebrate for you second life. What you did after that indecent? Did you went to the church and prayed?
@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
5 Sep 12
That was really a close call and you're indeed very lucky to come out unscathed.