Ooh... Now, I'm a college student again!

United States
September 5, 2012 2:25pm CST
Well, I'm not exactly a student again. However, I apparently can still pass for one. I was out at a restaurant in a college town with my boyfriend. Apparently, when my boyfriend was talking to the woman who worked there, she asked if his daughter, referring to me, was a student at University X. Oh, my poor boyfriend... It's good to know that I can still pass for being a little college student. Although, I guess that makes my poor, poor boyfriend look like some cradle robber. We have a bit of an age difference, but it isn't that large. I told my boyfriend later in the car that he should have set the record straight about our relationship (as he did)... and then added that I was looking at attending University X for when I start college next year.
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@ladym33 (11008)
• United States
15 Sep 12
LOL. I bet that was flattering for you although not so much for him. Everyone thinks my husband is older than me although he is a year and a half younger than me, not that, that short amount of time means anything. I love it when people think I look younger than I am. Of course I just turned 47 and I am not so happy about being that old so anytime I hear someone tell me how young I look it makes me happy.
• United States
15 Sep 12
My boyfriend and I are sort of May-October here, so there is a bit of an age difference. However, I am at an age where it really is no longer what would be considered a significant difference. If I actually were a college student, that age difference would actually be a tad scandalous.
• United States
5 Sep 12
That's great for you!! ....But not so great for your boyfriend lol. He must have felt pretty bad when she said that about the two of you. I know that it would annoy me. The only thing I've gotten before was that my boyfriend was my brother. We were at Dave and Busters and the lady told me to "ask my brother for more tickets". I immediately set things straight and told her it was my boyfriend. For some reason it just really annoys me when people think we're siblings. Yes we both have the same blue eyes and similar colored hair, but other than that we don't look alike lol
• United States
5 Sep 12
Haha too funny! Good thing he had a good sense of humor about it all lol
@schulzie (4064)
• United States
30 Oct 12
I love it when people think I'm younger than I actually am. Both my husband and I look much younger than our actual ages and get complimented all the time. People cannot believe how old we both are and that we could have a child in his early 20's. I enjoy those compliments but I don't hesitate to let people know how old I really am. I don't feel my age either. Have a great day and happy myLotting!!!
@KrauseHome (35517)
• United States
6 Oct 12
Personally it would be an insult if they were thinking it was your Dad instead of your boyfriend. I know when I lived in CA about 25 yrs. ago everyone thought I was living with my Dad instead of boyfriend, and it probably was awkward. I guess for now you need to discuss this one more and figure out the best way to handle it more the next time.
@winterose (39918)
• Canada
8 Sep 12
yes sometimes it is really nice to look younger than we are. I was mistaken for a young person too when I was in university and I was 37 years old at the time.
@Shavkat (65270)
• Philippines
6 Sep 12
Looking young was a great compliment to be heard from other people, very deceiving for the real age. Modestly aside, I was rushing to go on board the airplane, when an immigrant officer interrogated me. He claimed that I am a student, I said no. He insisted and asked some supporting documents. A bit in red that time, then I laid my cards to him my former contract with the former employer. All of a sudden, he smiled back at me and apologize. I might get mad at that point of time, but I can't resist of smiling. At my age, I can still look young as leveled to a student.