just one best friend?

September 12, 2012 3:18am CST
what do you think can we have more than one best friend? or is it the term itself that indicates that it could only be one person that has that status for me it takes time to thrust someone and consider him my friend. I don't know why. maybe because I got hurt so many times by people I considered friend. anway...yes I think we could have more than one "best friend". as long more than one person is worthy of our thrust and is there for us when we need it, I don't see why we should only have one best friend
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• India
12 Sep 12
I only have one best friend and honestly believe that we can only have one true friend.There is a difference between having friends and having best friends. I believe you can only have one best friend, but many friends, which I do have many friends, but only one best one.My best friend is my partner.It is very difficult to get a best friend and every one look money for creating friendship.If we have enough money,so many friends gathered arround us and make use of us for their advantage.A real friend ca understand all our problems and help us in all our difficulties.A friend in need is a friend indeed.
• Romania
12 Sep 12
true but not all people all like that, they aren't all just looking for your money. you're like that you found a person that more than your lover is your friend. i wish I had a relationship like that. what you said about money applies to many people. it happened to me too precisely with the person I considered my best friend for so many years: I borrowed her money and now she doesn't answer my phone anymore. I didn't really care about the money I care about the fact that she lied to me. aldo you might call me stupid but i still care for her but I'm not going to allow her to treat me like this. meanwhile other people prooved me they deserve to be thrusted and that they were there for me when I needed while this girl wasn't. I'm not waiting for anything in exchange don't get me wrong but there were moments when I would call her because I felt like talking to her and she would tell me she couldn't speak and that she would call me later...but she didn't do it
• Mathura, India
13 Sep 12
I think friends are the real wealth of a person. We may have more friends in our life. But it is not so easy to find out a real friend.
@rsa101 (13336)
• Philippines
12 Sep 12
Well I think it is possible to have many best friends as we go along our lives. We meet a lot of people and befriend as many as you can they can be few amongst them that is the best like the first best friend that you have.
• India
12 Sep 12
There were times when people used to have very few friends and infact one best friend. But now, i feel the whole scenario has changed. People has many more options, we have social networks which give us a number of friends, more open society and interaction among people has increased many folds. SO these days people do have more best friends rather than just one. That applies to me too as I have around 5 best friends. And also depending on your location or work nature, you might end up having more or less friends. But one thing I can say with confidence, atleast now there is no hard and fast rule that you can have only one or two best friends