glowing eyes in photos---does this mean anything?

@Cutie18f (9579)
October 4, 2012 5:19pm CST
Someone I know recently freaked out when she found out that her eyes glowed in pictures when others' eyes don't. She googled what it means and learned that this could be a symptom of brain cancer. She went to a doctor but the doctor said she is fine but she still insisted that she has the said ailment. She even took a picture of herself and her companion using her cellphone camera to show to the doctor what she meant. Indeed the photo she took showed her with glowing eyes while the other person's eyes were just normal. Her pictures everywhere, morning or evening, shows her with eyes that glow or sparkle like the eyes of vampires in movies. Is this perhaps the result of too much exposure to the computer? Her work makes her use the computer much of the time and she'd been doing this for many years already. Please share what you know.