How do you handle noisy neighbors?

United States
October 12, 2012 11:28pm CST
Hello myLot Community, I am hoping that you can help me with advice on how do you handle noisy neighbors? Currently, my neighbors in my apartment community are driving my crazy. It is like common courteousy and manners just do not exist. Right now, there are noise issues. I'll give a little background. Well it is Fall Break. Meaning children and teenagers are home with most likely little parent supervision. We have kids running with pounding feet up and downstairs. The other day it was up and down, up and down, up and down, then you guessed it back up and down in less than 5 minutes. Today, the next door neighbor was blaring his surround system. When I called the office to request them to have him turn it down because it was excessively loud and vibrating off the walls. I heard him rationalizing that it was on because of the noise that the kids were making upstairs. I'll give you the kids were being kind of rude in a way, but I tended to keep it mind that kids are trying to play, and not always thinking about how their playing affects other people. When I saw the kids as I was walking to get the mail pounding down the stairs, I just asked them to please walk up and down a little bit quieter. The kids were receptive and they both said sorry. What I cannot understand is an actual neighbor (keep in mind an adult) who approaches the situation as an eye for an eye. One person is being rude, so I am going to be even ruder. I mean as adults I feel like we have to set the example and illustrate how to be considerate. I like the way the leasing agent did her best to explain it to the man that you need to be considerate of your neighbors..It is too loud you can hear it all the way to the office. Still in less than 30 minutes, it was back blaring. Then again tonight at 7pm. Ahhh, the frustration! Any advice and suggestions or am I just living in the forgotten land of manners?