Lance Armstrong Stripped of 7 Tour de France Titles

Lance Armstrong - Recently stripped of 7 tour de france titles
@Muelitz (1592)
October 23, 2012 10:37am CST
It was a very sad news that Mr Armstrong has been stripped of all his seven titles. I can only imagine the hard work and all the time that this guy had to endure to win all those races. Too bad he did use performance enhancing drugs which puts him in better shape or condition than his competitors. The witnesses have broken their silence and the cycling's governing body has decided. Lance Armstrong is out of the record books and is banned from the sports for the rest of his life. I believe he is even asked to pay back the money that was awarded to him. There is no reversing this development anymore. What can you say bot this development. In my opinion, I would rather finish 4th, 5th or even last instead of winning something and having it taken away.
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@ram_cv (16516)
• India
20 Jan 13
I think he deserved it. He has now finally admitted to cheating in winning each single of those titles. So he deserves to be stripped. My heart goes out to the person who should actually have won these titles, but has been robbed by Armstrong. Cheers! Ram
25 Oct 12
Hey Muelitz, I agree with you I would rather lose then win and have all my achievements taken away from me. In my humble opinion I think that sporting events should be put into two categories, the first being those that are on performance enhancing substances and the second wthout, that way we could compare the difference between the two. Just a thoght, interesting post. :)