What are your pet peeves about facebook?

Pasay, Philippines
November 10, 2012 10:22pm CST
Do you have any facebook pet peeves on how people use it? Like the way they post their status messages, pictures of no difference at all pose and other more? Can you share with me the instances that you are being annoyed on how people use the facebook? I just don't like it when the same person is posting the same rants almost everyday. There are people who are picking fight by posting on status message but then for real they can't confront the person. Sometimes it irritates me when couples posting their pictures like they are kissing each other or even the chick. Well case the case basis but not at all. I just hate to see about religious stuff like share or like it if you are God Believer then ignore if you are not, sounds like cursing. Posting their personal matters especially on how they fight. Asking likes when it is not that important. If that is the contest it is okay. People who are adding me then when I talk to them like I just want to ask how they are, they won't talk to you or even reply. After all I just hide it on my feed so that I won't be able to see it. Other than that I've already remove the other people that I can't talk to.
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@mydanods (6747)
• Nigeria
12 Nov 12
fb is a public arena and you should expect anything or everything in a public square. some persons come to fb because they are bored, or looking for someone to take their grievances on. i do not take any posting personal. i think people post according to their moods, if it is not for commercial purposes or according to their fancy.
@Hrozean (116)
• United States
12 Nov 12
I hate seeing what other people are liking. I mean yes I want to know about what my friends are up to but if they aren't doing anything but surfing the web liking pictures. . . that't not what I want to know. I also think it is silly to be able to hide your posts from certain people it's like if you are going to say something or post something on facebook then realize that everyone is going to read it. Or when you have two or three friends like the walmart page or the starbucks page facebook wants to know if you like those things too. It's like if I wanted to like it on facebook I would have already. Thanks Facebook. NOT. I don't even get on my facebook on my computer anymore just on my phone because I use it to see what is going on with my family in other states or even here in town and my life is just too busy to see everyone.
@blue65packer (11835)
• United States
11 Nov 12
Pet Peeves about Facebook. I have some! I just sick of friends constantly changing their profile photos! Like every day! My 21 year old neice likes to do that! I also don't like when people complain on how crappy their life is all the time! I get sick of hearing, some friends who got a college education, and have nothing good to say about it! Not good! Then I say something on FAcebook,just to vent, and other friends get pissed at me! They feel I am going to get in trouble! Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. It is like if I can't vent then others can? So lately I don't rant and just say things like I do during the day,like laundry,etc. It sucks and I have freedom of speech! If you don't like it,leave me alone! Then if I try to confront someone else about their venting, I never hear the end of it! If it was not for family on Facebook,I might not be on Facebook. I feel like I can't get a break! This is my FACEBOOK RANT!
11 Nov 12
My biggest pet peeve is when the same person complains about how horrible their life is almost everyday. Complaining really is pointless.
@wolfie34 (26793)
• United Kingdom
11 Nov 12
My personal pet peeve is when someone spends all their time on it and are forever updating what they are doing, this year I went away with my girlfriend and all she did was post on Facebook, it was like I was invisible. Then I find out stuff that she should have told me in person but I was the last to know because she had posted it on facebook. I cannot compete against Facebook sadly. I use Facebook mainly for the zynga games like Castleville and Township, but even they are slow to load at times.
@mythociate (15962)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
11 Nov 12
What I don't like is the news-feed's need to constantly update WHILE I'M ON IT! I mean, I get 'updating when I first open the news-feed,' but let me finish reading- & responding to-what's there before adding to it! ARGH!
@jane239 (521)
11 Nov 12
The thing that bothered me most about Facebook was people constantly contacting me and asking me to 'friend' them. I would if I had any idea who they were. I found it so annoying to be constantly deleted notices from FB. Also, FB do not seem to bothered about people's privacy, so I've cancelled my account. It's one less thing to worry about.