I'm not allowed to feed my cats what I want too

@911Ricki (13602)
November 28, 2012 8:17pm CST
I found a wet food for Patches that is lower in protein. Now everytime I go to change her food, my Mother feed them then goes you owe me for that canned food (even after I buy my own). The last week I bought $100 worth of dry food, she splits it all up to how many cats we have, and how many each SHOULD eat, same with the canned food. I said well started the 1st of the month Patches is going on a different wet food (she feeds them this cheap food, that will eventually cause more issues) thats her decision but my cats will not be getting that. She goes no your not feeding them that, you feed them this. I said no I bought this kind and they are eating it. The reasoning because then she has to fork money out to me (which she doesnt have), whereas now buying this cheap food she charges it to her credit card. I told her 1st of this month my 3 are changing to another food, and she can give me the money for the food, or take it off my rent, either way I dont care or else I am not buying food for her or her cats. My sister and her are just the same, I told my Dad and put it in writing end of story.
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@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
29 Nov 12
oh dear heart Rickie you have to g etout of there.your mom is reallyh dsyfunctional and thats a big headache. try to get the money together as soon as you can and move.I feel for you , if my mom had acted like her I really do m ot know what I would have done. my dad was the thorn in my side as he did not trust anyone and thought everyone was out to get him.. I got out on my own at 22 and was glad tp be self sufficient. I did visit my parents most weekends b ut I no longer lived with them as I could not stand my dad's sourness.I am glad you put it in writing.
@Anne18 (11036)
18 Dec 12
I feel for you and hope that you are able to move out into your own place very soon. You should be able ot feed your cats when you want to feed them. Its very good that you can come here into mylot ot sound off and get things off your chest 24/7. Keep your chin up
• United States
29 Nov 12
By now, there is no question that your family is dysfunctional. The only question is how long it will be until you can move out and remove yourself from this dysfunction and create a positive life for yourself and your fur kids. Hopefully, the answer is "soon," because the living situation in which you are currently in is not one that is healthy for you.