Posh People In London Use Baby Wipes Instead Of Toilet Tissue

Carlisle, England
@Janey1966 (24126)
December 9, 2012 9:34am CST
I read this a while ago and I think there was something on the news about it too. Anyway, 'us mortals' use standard toilet tissue when we er..go to the toilet but it seems, toilet tissue isn't good enough for some posh people in Hampstead, London..and they use BABY WIPES instead! The reason we know about it is because plumbers are having to go out to their toilets to unblock them..and they're full of baby wipes. Serves 'em right I say. I mean, what's wrong with toilet tissue? Some has aloe vera built in, some is slightly 'padded' for extra comfort. I would think baby wipes could get quite messy. I should know, I used them when I had my 'accident' in public all those months ago. I wouldn't use them all the time as a 'luxury' though. The same goes for the cleaning wipes. What are they all about?