Is INCEPTION Really Possible? Where Else Did the Movie Break from Reality?

@mythociate (16140)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 21, 2012 10:47pm CST
That is, I'm saying it's NOT possible (not the way writer/director Christopher Nolan conceived it). If a person has not MET you, you cannot 'show up' in their mind. (I know how it might've been possible due to a reality-shift you might know about if you've seen INCEPTION through to the end ... but I'll save the SPOILERS for the replies-to-responses ) Did you notice any other inconsistencies?
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• India
24 Dec 12
ihad this movie a two times in theatre, i havent understood the concept ofinception first, and then searched for inception , and had gained a basic idea of the movie.. any ways it cant be practically done,,if so the world can be destructed
@mythociate (16140)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
13 Jan 13
Maybe the world IS a dream! (goo-goo-g`joob )
• United States
22 Dec 12
Of course it's not possible, it's science fiction! There is no device that will let you into someone else's dream. We can't even see or record other's people's dreams, much less create a new dream reality and craft all the buildings in it like they do in Inception. Though it would be wicked awesome if we could. So what's with the "if a person has not MET you, you cannot 'show up' in their mind" mindset? Precisely why not? I know I've heard people claim that you can't dream about someone you've never met, but I've always disbelieved it. I dream about people I know I've never seen anywhere before all the time.
@mythociate (16140)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
22 Dec 12
Well, you can kinda Photoshop-together somebody---someone with a chin like one guy you know and lips like this one girl you know and hips like ... etc.
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@Pegasus72 (1900)
30 Jan 13
I have seen people in my dreams that I do not know but I am sure I saw their faces before in public just do not know them, but since I can't prove that I don't know for sure. If you have ever seen any of the movies like scanners, things like that are part truth, they just don't show you how to do it.
@devonavis (1857)
• Greece
22 Dec 12
I watched the movie twice before I totally got the story, that's how slow I am. The movie is very mind-entertaining but I don't think this is possible. You don't even know when are you gonna have a dream, and you can not dictate or tell what your brain what do you want to see in your dreams or where do you wanna be, well you can always tell your brain what dreams do you want but there is no guarantee that it will happen. I love the movie though.
@thesids (22351)
• Bhubaneswar, India
22 Dec 12
Hi mythociate Well, I read and also have been told by many that REIKI can work and heal even if the practitioner has never seen you or met you. Going by that, I dont disagree with the Inception movie. I look at this like - I did never see many people in person but when I see a sketch of them or even a pic of them, I do frame an opinion about them. Maybe, this concept was extended in the movie and Christopher Nolan always experimented with such things and their extensions. Yes, might not be possible today, but definitely sometime in the future.
@rafiholmes (2897)
• Malaysia
22 Dec 12
do u ever had a dream that u saw few people acting in your dreams..that u never seen or met before in your life? a dog .a unfamiliar shop or places... The mind can construct ...New things..frm the memory supply that the brain has. before the movie iNCEPTION..theres one movie which was way earlier..DREAMSCAPE..