My home phone won't work but my Internet does work

@maximax8 (28558)
United Kingdom
January 8, 2013 11:51am CST
Yesterday I picked up my phone and got no dial tone. I checked the cables and then went back to try my phone. My phone worked for a call. My mom tried to phone me yesterday evening and my phone line was dead. Today I haven't been able to get a dial tone on my phone. It is very expensive for me to have to use my mobile phone. I looked at the help page on Talk Talk and tried its tips to get my phone back working. Nothing has worked. To submit my contact with them I need and alternative phone number and I can use my mom's. However silly me doesn't know my own mobile phone number. I would feel stupid to ring a friend on my mobile phone to ask. Do you know you own mobile number? Have you ever forgotten something like that? Did you ever have a problem with your phone line or Internet?
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@wolfie34 (26793)
• United Kingdom
12 Jan 13
I have to write my mobile phone number down and keep it in my wallet, I am not very good at memorizing numbers, four digits is the max, so I can remember my pin number for my bank which is just as well! My internet kept dropping out, a few weeks back, it was intermittent problems, when I spoke to someone on the ISP forum they asked me to take a record of my stats and when I reported back to her, said I wasn't get the levels I should expect, it seems I have a dodgy connection somewhere, but I don't know if the fault is with my phone company or the wiring needs replaced. But now the service is ok, so I don't really want to replace the wiring if I don't have to, it's unnecessary expense.
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
9 Jan 13
Hi maximax8, we need to fill our contact number when filling out all kinds of application forms most of the time. Filling the same number frequently my cellphone and house land phone numbers stick to my mind unconsciously We did face phone line and internet problem many times. We will call the land phone or internet company to get our connection fixed. We will get a report code for the convenience to inform them if no one comes to cope with the problem within 24 hours. I can search my cellphone number by going step by step from Setting to System, About Device, and then go to Status. Phone number is shown under My Phone Number clearly Happy posting
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
8 Jan 13
I know my own cell phone number, but as for home phones not working, I found that the Uniden brand has a bit of trouble when talking long distance, and yet do not want to use the cell phone for that. My friends have suggested I get rid of my home phone, but I do not want to run to the neighbor's to use their home phone. My sons do not like close, so I have to keep my home phone and right now I just have the basic one until I save enough up. It could be something wrong. If your phone and internet and tv is all connected, you could phone the company on your cell phone and if you get a message, "for our customers, repairs ---or something like that," you will know that they are working on the lines or there was a storm there. That is what usually happened. Most of the time, when we have trouble it is either they are upgrading or there was a horrible storm in the area.
@sacmom (14315)
• United States
8 Jan 13
Yes and yes. Yes, I know my cell phone number. But if I did happen to forget it, I can always find it again as it's right on my phone. And yes, I've had problems with my phone line and Internet, especially when it is foggy or after it rains. The phone's box is old and is in need of being replaced (I brought it up to the phone company years ago, but they're too lazy to do anything about it ). And when it comes to the Internet, I'm on a dial-up connection. So when the phone is down so is my Internet.
@Asylum (48224)
• Manchester, England
8 Jan 13
I have always known my home phone number and mobile phone number. I am fortunate enough to find it quite easy to remember such things and operate several different passwords at work for various systems, which I change regularly with problem. It seems unusual to have internet access and no telephone access, so I suspect that it is probably something very basic. The line is fed through a splitter from the socket to separate the frequencies so that the ADSL does to the computer or router while the telephone accepts the other frequency. I would try replacing the splitter and the short cable from the splitter to the telephone, both of which are very cheap and readily available. It is obvious that the incoming line is live or neither appliance would receive a signal.
• United States
8 Jan 13
My phone lost dail tone a few days ago. It would go and come back and go again. Turned out that the filter box that my phone line is plug into for the dsl internet was bad. After replacing the filter everything worked fine. The mobile phone number is in your phone. Somewhere. I'm not good with moblle phones. I have to have my husband find the number when I need it. Good luck with your phone issue. Nothing better than dealing with the phone company.
@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
8 Jan 13
I do know it, but if I didn't, there is a way to look it up on the phone. Sure, I've had problems, and had to call to get them resolved. One of the most frustrating things to deal with is one of those company's automated phone systems. Bleah.