Robots and what they can mean for the human being in the future....

@grkelly (1216)
January 9, 2013 6:37am CST
The main aim of robots is to perform tasks so as to help humans save time and money. Routine, tedious tasks can be handled by robots and automated systems, thereby making man's life easier. Hence, the notion of having robots for the future is ultimately a way of continuously trying to facilitate and improve our lives. With the fast paced way of life most societies have developed in this day and age, it has become evident that mundane and routine work needs to be delegated to automated machines, such as robots, so as to allow man to concentrate on more important tasks such as decision making. As science and technological advancements are continuously improving, it is practically evident that the robots of the future will become even more powerful and be able to do multi-tasking. The most important thing here is that man should not end up relying on robots, and the human being needs to remain superior and independent. That is the challenge at the end of the day - developing powerful and improved robots, which ultimately are still controlled by the human being.
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@elitess (5072)
• Ipswich, England
7 Mar 13
Hello Kelly, There have been many movies about robots apocalypse but let's talk serious for a minute. The main goal of robots should be to be able to replace all menial jobs (cashiers, garbage cleaners, toilet cleaners, stuff like that, so that people be able to do more meaningful stuff). I would not feel very comfortable with robots as nannies for instance, but maybe that's just me.
@creationhub (3068)
• Malaysia
9 Jan 13
Robots are good invention but will also cause a lot of damages in the form of unemployment. Big companies do not mind utilizing robotic systems as the production will be consistent. If we believe this may happen, it is good for us to prepare to make sure we are financially free and not having to depend on our job for sustenance.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
9 Jan 13
A robot is a machine and the word comes from the russian word for "working". It can help us to save time and money (like a washing machine or vacuum cleaner or coffee machine) or do dull jobs (like in factories). It did not only help people, it is also the cause why so many people did loose their job. Since where machines arrive, people have to leave. The calculator and after that the computer are good examples of that. In the future it will only get worser. More robots, less jobs, but also the robots will have less to do (thanks to the economic crises world wide).
@maezee (33980)
• United States
9 Jan 13
That seems increasingly difficult wouldn't you say? Considering how much 'robots' or machines/computers can do these days? They certainly are eliminating human jobs, which is kind of sad, but that seems to be how it works in the information technology era. It means that as humans we need to step up and become MORE qualified than machines - which is the ultimate challenge.
@marguicha (104082)
• Chile
9 Jan 13
I have seen that many new discoveries that were meant to make man`s life easier makes a few people richer, take away work from other men and makes other people slaves of machines. Robots will not help humam beiongs unless men learn a bit about ethics. People are not working less with new inventions and there are 2 billion undernourished human beings in this planet ( that is still able to nourish us all).