United States
January 15, 2013 12:24am CST
I have two very different lifestyles, and some of you may very well be living in that style right now, but hypothetically speaking, if you were to change your lifestyle to one that is within the two life styles, would you take it? (Or of course, would you stay with your own?)[Please note that the second scenario is very dark, so beware..] 1 : You're reborn, not retaining any knowledge from what you currently have, but everything just seems to fall in place. You never fail any grade, you always have financial successes, and you have a great set of friends. Your life however, is fairly slim, to the extent where you can only live up to twenty-three because your entire life is being controlled by your wealthy parents. 2 : You're reborn, retaining everything you currently know from your previous life, but you're in a terrible environment. You have just been placed in a hospital where your teenage mother is not financially able to care for you. As you grow up, you're taken to an orphanage where other kids inside will tease and make fun of you. (It stops by the time you have reached 13) By eighteen, you're allowed to do anything you want (as if you couldn't back then) though as far as things go, you are able to live up to at least forty-six.
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• United States
15 Jan 13
To be honest If possible I would not choose any of them. I would have to deal with what ever came next. I would not want to change the life I have not unless it were my choice. I am not living the best life but I am living my life.
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@dee777 (1418)
• South Africa
15 Jan 13
Thank God I do not have to really choose, for each one is horrible! I am glad we do not know what is ahead of us, hey. Now we are forced to live life to the best each day.
• United States
15 Jan 13
I honestly was trying to balance both lifestyles to fit different people, though perhaps I didn't do a very good job of balancing it.. - . -"
@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
15 Jan 13
Its been said that we have free-will, and perhaps we do up to a point, but reincarnation dictates! Its as if we are travelers but we don't get to choose the road. The road can be rocky, or paved with gold, whichever, this path is our destiny. Reincarnation or life after life is a progression of lifetime experiences destined to bring us closer to God.
• Indonesia
15 Jan 13
Either choice is terrible, I would not choose either of them if I can. But if I must to then I'll choose option 1. Maybe I have to be contorlled by wealthy parents but I can think of it like to life with comfortable environment. I don't need to work as hard as I have because I have wealth, am I not?
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
15 Jan 13
Second option: to live at least till 46? Nobody seems to get old in your lifestyles. If it comes to no. 1 I had a kind of life like that.. but since I have my character as well I did escape from it all (I don't like people to controll my life. Nobody is rich enough to do so with me, so I ended up poor, without family and friends and way happier as I ever was (still happy I did). If it comes to lifestyle 2: to be honest I don't see any difference except for the age and the fact I have the memory of the previous life. So with that memory/knowledge this life will be a piece of cake to me. No matter what lifestyle I will manage. But since I have no (active) life with lifestyle no. 1 I choose no. 2!
15 Jan 13
none of the above, I love the way my life runs as of the moment since both are giving very limited age to live and brings you no choice to turn things out the way I wanted by choice despite of all the negative happenings. the first one is, meaningless the second one is, hopeless. ha ha that's my own personal understanding. Happy Lotting!