not a taxpayer

@luisaR (452)
January 31, 2013 7:20pm CST
honestly, sometimes I feel useless in my country hehe. the people work and automatically need to deduct and pay taxes while others including me, just never do. I am not working in a company nor has my own business, I am a full time mother that get a little portion of income on a commission basis deal. I know it is not fair living in the same country but others pay and others do not. I cannot brag about a new infrastructure and say, thats from my sweat and blood haha. I don't know,maybe I think about because somehow I would like to be a more productive part of my community. how about u?
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@GreenMoo (11842)
1 Feb 13
In my mind, productivity isn't related to paying taxes. It's to do with doing something worthwhile. For some people, that's also something which they earn money for and therefore pay taxes on, but for others it could be raising a child or caring for someone, inspiring others, volunteering, or any one of a hundred other things.
@luisaR (452)
• Philippines
2 Feb 13
u are right. thank u green ;-)
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
3 Feb 13
You don't pay taxes over your commission? Since that would be the case in my country. Even if the state gives you "social help" you pay tax. I believe only the queen (and probably her big family) is not paying taxes, they only get money, a lot of money for doing ?????