Problems with MySurvey

United States
March 27, 2013 11:14am CST
I have been on MySurvey for about 4 or 5 years. I have cashed out about 6 or so times and currently have about $15 - $20 in my account. Last Thursday, MySurvey sent me an invite to MySurvey connect. I would have to download an app in order to join. For joining, I was to get extra points, rewards and opportunities to earn. You need to be invited to join. I joined and downloaded the app correctly. On Sunday, I went to MySurvey to see if I got the 100 points that I was supposed to get just for joining. I was shocked to get a message that my account is not active. I have emailed support and have not received a reply back. I have phoned and no call back. I have posted on their facebook page with no response. I have done a search and at least one or two other members are having the same problem. They also are getting no response from MySurvey support. One has filed a complaint with BBB. I know that some mylotters are on MySurvey or have been. Are any of you having problems or had problems? if you are still with MySurvey but have not tried to log in for some time, could you check to see if you can access your account? I am shocked that this has happened with MySurvey. I have had a good relationship with them. I thought they were very legit. They have a good reputation.