What you like least about your job?

@jearl02 (211)
April 11, 2013 9:01pm CST
I am an Internal Auditor in the company I work. My job is usually on fault-finding of the procedures, policy implementation, and analysis. I am really not into interrogating people. What I really like the least about my job is to face people and question them when some mistakes are detected. I know this will be an opportunity for me to grow and develop my social skills with people but as long as I cannot move on with this, I feel that I won't be an effective employee. How about you, what do you like the least about your job?
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• Philippines
15 Apr 13
The least I like about working as accountant, is that I am only one in accounting. They do not want to hire. You as the auditor, this is already outside having good internal control isn't it? Despite that, being only one in accounting, denies me the luxury of filing longer vacation leaves, or even if I am sick, I can not afford to not report for work.
• Philippines
15 Apr 13
I am a Registered Nurse. What I like the least about my job is that when you are so neglectful the life of your patient might be in danger and the greatest problem is that Nurses here in the Philippines are being exploited.
@maezee (33390)
• United States
14 Apr 13
That must be hard - confronting others about their mistakes. I sometimes have to do that, as I supervise about 6 people and they have to know when they are screwing up. It's hard to remain "friends" and criticizers at the same time - I think sometimes they take my (constructive) criticism the wrong way - personally (when it's 100% business, nothing personal). It sounds like your job is pretty intense. So I dislike probably the same thing as you... Having to sometimes hurt feelings.
@cherigucchi (4866)
• Philippines
13 Apr 13
I do love my job and all the things that I do almost everyday. What I do not like most about it is the politics. The way people are being used and abused just to get ahead.
• Jacksonville, Florida
12 Apr 13
I absolutely love my job. BUT one thing I do NOT like is dealing with the parents. I own a Childcare Business and I love what I do. I love working with children and teaching them. What I cannot stand is dealing with the kid's parents! That is the worst part for me with this job.
@kixsh101 (743)
• Philippines
12 Apr 13
Just don't mix your personal and work life, always draw a line. I mean, it should always be different when it comes to work. This is quiet hard because you have to make sure that your workmates understands that it is purely work.