A name change

@savypat (20247)
United States
April 25, 2013 1:50pm CST
Jack cat has had his name changed. It shouldn't be to hard on him, Hubby found a new cousin named Zack and made the choice to change the cat's name in honor of this new cousin. Since Jack and Zack sound a lot alike, I don't think there will be to much trouble. It's been my experience that cats come to the sound of their food bowl being filled more then they respond to names anyway. Blessings
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@jerzgirl (7933)
• Gloucester City, New Jersey
25 Apr 13
My cats definitely know their names. As soon as you call them, they'll turn their heads and look at you. They might not come, but they'll definitely let you know they hear you. Well, except for Tiki who does a good job of ignoring her "mother" (my daughter) when Deb calls her. Her ears will twitch in annoyance, but she won't turn and look. But, if I call her, she instantly turns and comes over to me. It makes Deb mad!!
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@ElicBxn (60684)
• United States
26 Apr 13
Most of my cats know their names. Even ELMER, the feral boy who does his best to ignore us, knows his name. However, I don't think "ja" and "za" are that different sounds, and the "ack" is the same, I'll think he'll probably not notice.
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@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
25 Apr 13
Hi savypat, The name is close enough and you are right about the sound of the food bowl being filled. I have two cats. Blessings.
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@wolfie34 (26820)
• United Kingdom
25 Apr 13
I am sure he won't mind what's he's called as long as he is loved and you continue to feed him. I like the name Zack, I am sure it will suit him, just as well as Jack did!
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@blackrusty (3532)
• Mexico
25 Apr 13
well I dont think the cat will mind at all as it is so close to the same name
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