What Will Happen to My Computer Tomorrow (when Windows XP Takes Down Its Support)?

@mythociate (15598)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
April 7, 2014 6:31pm CST
Will my computer boot-up as usual? as if its God is still up there on his help-desk throne? Or will it sense an emptiness in The Force, & refuse to run? And what will I do? I feel like this should've been covered in computer-science 101; but either 1) I never TOOK computer-science 101, 2) they hadn't IMAGINED 'the end of Windows XP help' when I was in college or 3) I was lightly toasted as I sat there. So what should I do?
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@notbrake (30)
• China
8 Apr 14
two choices: keep using it, or change windows XP to win 7. but i'm still using windows xp right now, and will keep using it for several months.
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@mythociate (15598)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
10 Apr 14
I'm also looking at switching over to Ubuntu (world-famous Linux OS), which is another option MicrroSoft doesn't menttion on their "Windows XP Support Has Ended"-page. The options they do give? Either upgrade to Windows 8 or--if your computer doesn't have the TWENTY GB OF MEMORY it takes to run Windddows 8+--"get a new computer!" Are they still running support for Windows 7? Do you have a link I can download that from?
Get end of support information for Windows XP and find out what you need to know to upgrade to Windows 8.1 or find a new PC.
@Asylum (48278)
• Manchester, England
7 Aug 15
Obviously since this is now a rather old discussion you will already have discovered that Windows XP will not cease to operate. The withdrawal of support simply means that Microsoft will no longer be issuing updates to counter new security issues or enhance and support new hardware etcetera. You could even still run Windows 95, although most modern hardware would not support this, but you could run it on an old machine. The option of using Ubuntu is a worthwhile idea because it is a very stable and free operating system.
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