How can i know my earings on mylot?

Hyderabad, India
March 7, 2015 5:32am CST
plz can anyone can tell how to check earnings on mylot.
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@dpk262006 (56217)
• Delhi, India
9 Mar 15
You cannot check your earnings because now a days you don't earn any longer on mylot. Mylot has stopped paying for discussions for quite a long time. However, you are free to start discussions on the topics of mutual interest.
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@owlwings (39371)
• Cambridge, England
7 Mar 15
MyLot ended the earnings program in May 2013. You no longer earn anything from MyLot. Please see this guide for more information:
A Quick Users Guide to MyLot. How and why you should use MyLot.
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@mythociate (15594)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
7 Mar 15
No. Because your earnings are not connected to myLot (unless you have a private deal with @GoAskAlice_Admin or somebody ... something almost no one answering here can say for sure). And if you somehow got involved with some money-program featured here, it is not associated with myLot (at-least not any way indicated on the myLot-website, and probably not any other way). Discussion on MyLot is now profitable only-by-wisdom.
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