My Problem with Insects - People's Carbon-Emissions

@mythociate (16178)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
August 23, 2015 11:55am CST
The main thing I’ve ‘learned’ (heard) is that bugs are attracted to carbon. And people continuously emit carbon (in their sweat, in their breath, in dead cells falling off of them). For most people, there’s no big carbon pile-up because they live lives that are active- and varied-enough so that they’re not in one place long enough for the carbon to collect … however long they’re there, they’re gone long-enough for the carbon to dissipate. I’m not that active. So--if I don’t keep the bugs out--they’ll be called to where I am most-often (the bed watching TV, the computer doing this) I guess the solution is to ‘add a few more places in there’: go out for a few hours every-so-often (I.e. maybe before shower-time), watch TV in the living-room a little more-often. Any other suggestions? (Maybe shower more-often than Monday-Wednesday-Friday … maybe soon I’ll explain why there’re the only days I shower
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@Rollo1 (16687)
• Boston, Massachusetts
23 Aug 15
I just ordered the most brilliant product ever. It's a bug swatter that fries them with electricity. Some are shaped like fly swatters, some are shaped like tennis racquets. The mesh of the racquet is electrified by the batteries in the wand. No bug escapes. They have them on Amazon and Walmart has them, too.