How you grew up vs. how you live now..

United States
September 10, 2015 6:13am CST
I've been pretty down on myself this week. It's been pretty tough trying to get everyone where they need to go when we only have 1 vehicle to get everyone there. I've been worried about how we'll manage the bills while adding a car payment. I've been pretty stressed out, and my immune system is taking a big hit due to all the stress... But a discussion about lice from another Mylot member just got me thinking about my childhood. I grew up in the inner city in poverty. I had lice a few times a year, and we often couldn't afford the shampoo to get rid of the lice. I lived with cockroaches most of my life. The discussion about lice got me thinking. My kids have never had lice.. but that's more due to luck than economy. We've never had roaches either. Part of that is due to not living in the city where most places are infested with bugs. But that led me to thinking about my finances. We are broke, yes, but we're not as broke as I was while growing up. I can put food on the table every week. My kids have decent clothes. I buy 2nd hand by choice, not out of necessity. The kids do get new clothes regularly. We may not be well off or even comfortable, but we are doing better than I did as a child. I guess I should count my blessings. How are you living now vs. how you lived while growing up?
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@Rollo1 (16685)
• Boston, Massachusetts
10 Sep 15
I think my kids have more of the fashionable items than I did as a child. But we didn't know we were poor, we thought others were rich, though. My father built a house in an affluent suburb, but our income wasn't really as high as that of the neighbors. Still, my parents didn't tell us about their finances, that was a taboo subject. So, we never really thought about it. We didn't get lice, but my kids did from their cousins. I found that using something slick, like hair conditioner, to slide the nits off the hair shafts worked just as well as any shampoo.
@amnabas (10315)
• Karachi, Pakistan
10 Sep 15
Oh my God you discussed the reality and I think many of us are going through a stress in regard of finance.