Unnervingly Happy Today!

United Kingdom
September 20, 2015 10:18am CST
Hi guys, my rant today is about being happy! I was behaving like one of those annoying people who are happy all the time and just bounce around with their happy trying to force their happy on others! D asked if I'd been taking his 'happy pills'. Ah, that's a little story there. When I first starting seeing D, he was taking serotonin. It's thought to help people with depression as low serotonin levels may be a factor in things like depression and anxiety. Well, D doesn't have those things, he just had low serotonin levels so was given it. When he and I got together, his dosage was halved because he was so happy that his current dosage was causing an overdose of serotonin! Well, anyway, it's nice to know that I was the reason his dosage decreased as I had made him so happy! :P So, this morning, I'd woken up fairly early. Wasn't really tired but had a bit of a lie in so I could have cuddles with D and Mini. Then I got up in a good mood. Then, Mini played on his Kindle while D read something on his computer and I just chatted to him. Well, I rambled but I said to him that I felt really happy. He said he'd noticed. I can't remember if he asked why I was so happy, or if I just told him. I said that I'd got him and Mini, and that I'd have Midi later so that made me happy. Last night was groovy too. I think the happy from then may have overflown to today as well! Last night, D took Mini to McDonald's. Well, I dropped them off then I went to the gym while they were there. Then they came to meet me at the gym and I drove us all back to mine. We just relaxed for a bit, not really doing much before we watched Doctor Who. Then Mini played for a bit while I chatted to people on Facebook, and D watched something else. Then we went to bed. I usually sleep on the side nearest the door but I sleep the other side when D is here. I caught my foot between the mattress and the bed frame as I got up. That hurt! Then D was twitching (he has various illnesses/conditions, and takes a lot of medication. I think he said that some of the medication has the side effect of twitching. He also takes another tablet to counter-act that but it doesn't always work). So anyway, he was twitching during the early hours of this morning. I tried to calm him a bit but it didn't work and he ended up twitching in such a way that he kneed me at the base of my spine. I told him he'd done it and he kept apologising. I told him to stop apologising because I knew he couldn't help it. So apart from the twitching and both of us waking up in pain this morning, it was a nice night and a nice morning. I took D back to his. He's been having trouble with drainage leaking and flooding his flat so he's left it to dry but gone back expecting there to be more puddles to mop. I've been helping him as much as I can with it but he is going to see about moving anyway. As we plan on living together eventually anyway, he's going to find out if he'll be able to get a 2-bedroom place in the same town as me. That way, the boys and I will be able to move in eventually. After I'd dropped D off, I took Mini to see his Nanny (his dad's mum) as Mini had said he wanted to see her. As I've always said, I wouldn't stop Mini seeing his other family members just because his dad doesn't care. So we had a little bit of time there. We then went to get a little bit of shopping, and we had some dinner at a pub. I was going to get some meat and make a Sunday dinner but I was feeling lazy, and the meals we had in the pub didn't cost much more than I would have paid for a joint of meat! Then we went to register Mini for next year's Gang Show in the next town. That's like a variety/cabaret show type thing in which all the Scout and Cub groups are invited to participate. It will be Mini's first one, and he's looking forward to it. He's acted before. He's had some good parts in school plays and he used to go to a kid's drama group. Unfortunately, that particular group folded due to not having enough members to sustain it. He may, however, be able to go to another group once he turns 11 next year. Midi currently goes to two youth drama groups. One is just workshops but the other is run more like a professional theatre, and they perform at least once (often twice) a year. Every other play is written by the group themselves. Midi was a props manager for this year's play. Next year, he'll be acting. I think that's about all for now. I'm still quite happy. I have a couple of things to do today but I've completed half of the tasks I needed to do. Oh, no, that's not quite all. One of my best friends is getting married. Actually, there seems to be a bit of an epidemic at the moment! A few of my friends have recently got married or announced their engagements. Well, a friend of mine, whom I never met, told me yesterday that he will be getting married in a few months. He and I have been friends since we began writing as pen-friends in our school days. So we've been in touch for more than 20 years. I am happy for him, and I've asked him to tell me all about his wife to be. Sadly, unless I suddenly find a way to get from England to Tunisia, I will not be able to attend his wedding. I hope to be able to send him something though. D's best friend recently proposed to his girlfriend, who also happens to be a good friend of both mine and D's. So we're happy for them. D has said that he wants to get married but there are no current plans in the near future. He has said, though, that he would like his best friend (an ordained minister) to preside over our wedding when and if we do get married. He's also said he'd want Mini as his best man. I would want Midi to give me away. D said he wants to get married in a registry office but that will be something I'll have to talk him out of! OK, that's really it now. I'm going to do useless things. :) TTFN (ta ta for now)
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@Rollo1 (16636)
• Boston, Massachusetts
21 Sep 15
It's nice when people share their happy days with us It doesn't have to be tragic to be interesting. I am happy for you. I hope you have many more happy days.
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• United States
20 Sep 15
Thanks for filling us in Punkin. You are such a chipper soul. All credit due you friend. I am pleased to know that you are happy. I twisted my back yesterday so I am stuck today..hoping it will pass soon. Still not to worry me fingers work fine to type here haha The weather is sunny and nice here.
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