Is blind trust stupid?

Elberton, Georgia
December 18, 2015 9:39pm CST
It's a matter of opinion, but I think blind trust in anyone is stupid. I mean, except for God, maybe. I got this idea from a fellow mylotter who spoke on trust between partners, for the most part. Everyone can and probably has lied to us from one time to another. I was brought up that the husband was the leader of the house and where there is love there is love and respect. I give a good hockey puck yup the yazoo for that one. I have four marriages to prove that ideal wrong. Yes, I was married 4 times but only claim 2. I was married for 10 years. I loved this man to the moon and back I trusted him as a southern gentleman. My last two years was a lie and I didn't even know it because of blind trust. I was stupid. We became just roommates. Still I didn't see it because I loved him. He finally divorced me so he could remarry. I heard he had been married three more times and I was his third wife so he had 6 wives. So much for trust. You must be trust worthy to gt trust from me now. Image from Pixabay.
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@T_gray (7805)
• Salina, Kansas
19 Dec 15
Trust is such a hard thing to deal with. It's hard to fully trust someone i think.
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• Elberton, Georgia
19 Dec 15
Yes, it is risky to put all your faith into someone. It's as healthy as putting all your eggs in one basket.
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@1hopefulman (32558)
• Canada
19 Dec 15
Wow., that's quite a story!
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@Hatley (164484)
• Garden Grove, California
2 Feb 16
bl ind trust is silly beween co uples as you m,st first co urt and learn about each other. then knowing trust, respect, love, and faithfulness will make a great marriage you m ust respect yourself and your mate and he must do the same thing
@celticeagle (119872)
• Boise, Idaho
20 Dec 15
I think it is a very nice situation to have this blind trust. But, for the most part it is stupid. We all need to be whole ourselves before we get into a relationship. We all need expect certain things from the other person and have them respect certain boundaries. I think that trust comes with time and should never just be given to someone. They have to earn it.
@marlina (78116)
• Canada
19 Dec 15
I am usually suspicious of people, always on my guards.