Exercise in the morning

January 21, 2016 9:35am CST
I really feel great whenever I get the chance to exercise in the morning. You know, lift some weights and go jogging with my dog then I practice my shooting afterwards in the basketball court with my dog just sitting on the bench waiting for me to be finished with it. I wanna be consistent with this starting today I will wake up at 6am no matter what because this is what I need in the morning, it ups my mood tremendously I feel happy afterwards though a bit tired but it's all worth it. Do you exercise in the morning?
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@maezee (31573)
• United States
23 Jan 16
I like to exercise / go work out after I get work done during the week. That way, I don't have to feel rushed and I sleep better that night. However, on my days off, I'd prefer to get my working out done with early in the morning - that way I can move on with whatever I'm doing that day. Nothing feels better than that post-exercise feel!
@wiLLmaH (8226)
• Singapore, Singapore
22 Jan 16
That is what I want to do but bed force is more powerful than my will. Haha. So I always end up hitting the gym in the afternoon in wekkends or after the office.
@scheng1 (24812)
• Singapore
22 Jan 16
I wake up around 6 am on Sunday morning for a community walk. If not for this weekly walk, I will not want to wake up so early. As for weekdays, there is no need for extra exercise in the morning, because the rush to work is a great workout on its own.
@else34 (13610)
• New Delhi, India
22 Jan 16
@BigMoney25,Yes,I do.In fact,taking exercise in the morning has been my routine for years.I do yoga in the morning.
@alchemistrx (2577)
• Philippines
22 Jan 16
i have done jogging but gave me muscle cramps the next day.
@patgalca (14262)
• Orangeville, Ontario
22 Jan 16
I can't get going at all until I have a shower. I need that hot water on my muscles and a good scrub of the scalp. I exercise where ever I can fit it in.
• Philippines
21 Jan 16
I've been jogging for days but one day I had suffered pain in my foot, which doesn't happen on the other. seems i had a uric acid problem on me now, not sure if i can sweat with other forms of exercise. as long as you can jog keep doing it really helps loosing weight. I envy you because you can do it with your dog.
• United States
21 Jan 16
I exercise a little every 30 minutes or so when I am home and not working outside of the home, so I can honestly say I feel great most of the time. Good for you starting your day off right and have a good rest of today
@cherriefic (4331)
• Baguio, Philippines
21 Jan 16
It is good for your body and healthier figure if you exercise in the morning. It will energize you throughout the day.
@marlina (71305)
• Canada
21 Jan 16
I used to exercise right away on getting up, but now too stiff, I have to wait for a while.