The Misery Of A Memory Foam Mattress!

memory foam
By NR2
United Kingdom
February 11, 2016 6:40pm CST
A couple of months just before Christmas one of my musician pals invited me to stay over one weekend because of his girl friend's 30th birthday and of which he had planned a surprise birthday party for her. The girl in question was someone I knew at college when I lived in Edinburgh, so it was great to reminisce as we had attended the same campus even if we were studying totally different courses. I must admit I felt quite honoured to play in a country home which is privy to a real log fire, wooden floorboards, a few thick and cosy rugs to sit on, a massive wood burning stove in the kitchen and the feeling of being surrounded by good friends, nice coffee, a few pets and all the while being able to play some great music, basking in warmth. My musical friend is very traditional in his home; he drives an old Land Rover for example and refuses to buy anything remotely modern. So when it came to bedding down for the night, the spare room I was staying in wasn't what I expected at all; modern furnishings and another little fire place which housed a solid fuel heater which had already warmed up the room. I was quite happy to dive into the bed when suddenly... Doh! The mattress was absolutely solid as a rock! I couldn't quite work out why this was the reason until I removed the traditional Scottish tartan blankets on top to find a modern memory foam mattress staring back up at me. Memory foam mattresses are not exactly new, lead by brands such as "Tempur," and "Dunlopillo" in the UK. Though they clearly mould to the human body and eliminate claimed dust mites, what the brands don't tell you is that unless the mattress gets some degree of room temperature building up for a few good hours, the mattress is like a solid piece of ice! Of course I did have a good enough sleep, after I nursed a few bruises and learnt my lesson. But it certainly provided an eye opener that even the promise of a body moulding mattress designed to cosset can be the least uncomfortable to begin with. Bring me back my old bouncy bed mattress springs any day! (c)Nar2/crystalvisions 2016 Photo taken from
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• United States
12 Feb 16
I never had the opportunity to try a memory foam but certainly didn't know it could get hard
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@jaboUK (55053)
• United Kingdom
12 Feb 16
I've often wondered what it would be like to sleep on one of those. I remember one friend telling me that it was far too warm for her - perhaps that was in summer.
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@paigea (22484)
• Canada
12 Feb 16
That is good to know., I wouldn't have expected that.
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@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
12 Feb 16
wow I didnot know foam c ould get so cold but then never had a foam mattress mine s a sealy posturepedic which is fine f or me
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@marlina (77912)
• Canada
14 May 16
Personally I don't think I would like to sleep on one of those memory foam mattresses.
@MALUSE (43544)
• Uzbekistan
22 Feb 16
Did you tell the hosts?
@sishy7 (27598)
• Australia
12 Feb 16
Oh, that does not sound comfortable at all - would it be able to soften up once it's frozen like that?