Good to have free television channels than pay channels

@ajithlal (14568)
April 20, 2016 11:10pm CST
In our place one can watch couple of channels free through the DD Direct plus and there are around 80 channels free that people can watch it. Some people watches channels through them. Most of the direct to home and cable televisions are increasing their price and more and more people are watching free channels. Are the cable television or DTH service costly in your area and do you receive free channels?
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@norcal (3260)
• Nevada City, California
21 Apr 16
No free channels here. I pay about $100 per month for cable, and I would probably cut that off if not for my mom. TV is important to her, and she doesn't have the patience to learn a new technology, like watching her program on the internet.
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@Hatley (163915)
• Garden Grove, California
21 Apr 16
yes they are so exp ensive I do not have cable TV I have enough trying to pay for cable internet
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@maezee (29504)
• United States
21 Apr 16
Wow thats a lot of channels! I just have free broadcast TV that probably has 20 or 30 wprking channels. Cable is too expensive and I just dont find it worthwhile!
@youless (87603)
• Guangzhou, China
21 Apr 16
Here most families will pay for the digital TV. It is not expensive at all and then we can watch quite a lot of TV channels. It is totally acceptable. If you don't use it, then you can only watch a few free TV channels only.
@MGjhaud (20799)
• Philippines
21 Apr 16
its fair enough here and no we dont get free channel/s unfortunately. without the cable, we still get 4-5 free channels though. not a lot but we get to watch the local news.