Have a Whole Hour before Blood Sugar Testing.

@Hatley (164450)
Garden Grove, California
July 8, 2016 4:33pm CST
Right now its warm but not hot so waiting a bit to turn on the 'AC as itcan get too cold in here too.Today is really guiiet in my building and on mylot too as if everyone had gone o ut somewhere 'and I suppose as its warm weather everyone is out enjoying rain free days. me I have tio find some sunscreen lotion as I sunb\urn so easily. if i stay out in the sun too longl I need to get firefox to block all these ads as they really bother me when Im writing While I have time I should do so more notifications b ye all. One original post bt P Hatley copyrighted 2016
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@koopharper (6895)
• Canada
8 Jul 16
Not possible to get a sunburn here today. Cloudy and quite cool. Won't stay that way though. It'll heat up again as soon as this weather system moves on.
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@silvermist (20096)
• India
9 Jul 16
@Hatley It has been raining lightly all night here.But now it is warm and sunny,not hot.
@Jessicalynnt (47879)
• Centralia, Missouri
9 Jul 16
I love that chrome does