What do you think Donald Trump will react to those terrorists when he start to do his job in 2017 ?

Hong Kong
November 11, 2016 6:22am CST
I am not sure since he is quite unpredictable. But since the bad guys has just made fun of him after his election, I think he surely need to do something tough to those bad guys in the middle east. What do you think ?
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@zandi458 (27952)
• Malaysia
11 Nov 16
I foresee a very tough time for Donald Trump to battle terrorism who are already rooted in those trouble lands.
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@Corbin5 (113045)
• United States
11 Nov 16
Mr. Trump has advisors for everything. He listens, many presidents to not. He will listen to those who are experienced in this area.
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@veganbliss (3901)
• Adelaide, Australia
26 Nov 16
He's not unpredictable. If you think he is, you are listening to too much media rubbish. Check his policies on his own website. It is very, very clear. He will withdraw his forces, from all over the world & trade & collaboratively build with all nations. War will be over, terrorists will be de-funded, unsupported & unprotected. Russia & China will clean up the mess & rebuild Syria. The USA will be massively internally cleansed & ultimately, the world will be peaceful, united & can start to rebuild.
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• Adelaide, Australia
28 Nov 16
@Bluedoll to the best of my recollection, an exchange of information, as you put it, involves both sides providing it. You questioned & then wrongly criticised my response. At each step of the way, I've furnished you with more & more info, but for what you're getting, you have exchanged an absolute zero, as all can see. How does my response resemble a lecture? You asked for short, easily digestible bits of info & are still not happy with what I've provided. In that case, why not go to the guy's website where he details all his policies, has copies of all his speeches, so you can work it all out for yourself, then & only then can we discuss it. I gave you this from the Very First Post. How hard can it be???
@anniepa (27238)
• United States
2 Dec 16
Thanks so much for this, veganbliss, I needed a good laugh! I'm referring, of course, to your first response since the rest of them are kind of gibberish since you're engaging with someone who isn't here. Whatever, you forgot to mention my unicorn ranch. Now I gotta go and bake cookies for Santa Claus since he's coming to my house early and he's bringing the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.
• Adelaide, Australia
3 Dec 16
@anniepa would you like me to furnish you with all the deleted responses from the records in my email so it all makes sense? People often do that when they pursue such a ridiculous line of argument & are showed up for what it really is. Whatever Mr Trump achieves from now on is outside of our control & quite possibly outside of his control too, but the plan is a great one, an old one & one that has worked wonderfully well every time in history it was properly implemented. You have stacked both houses with plenty of good people who've shown where their allegiances lay this election, so we know exactly who's who. It doesn't all come down to one man. It's part of a world-wide movement. You will benefit from it whether you love or hate it. That unicorn ranch you'd better hang onto - it could make you a lot of money one day. Father Christmas might not be real, but there's a place in Alaska where it's Christmas all year 'round... they ran a documentary on it. I can go to my local shopping centre & let the kids sit on the guy's lap, get presents, take photos & benefit financially from all the extra commercial activity that happens that time of year, go sing Christmas Carols in the park & feel uplifted, along with many others around the world. The Easter Bunny might not be real, but we similarly benefit from this time of year. Likewise, children benefit emotionally & a little financially from the tooth fairy, even though the value of a coin has been going south for a very long time. Your only other alternative was to vote in a malfunctioning organic robot who will drag you into a nuclear war you cannot win & send the world into a depression that'll take a very very long time to emerge from.
@quantum2020 (9758)
• Ciudad De Mexico, Mexico
11 Nov 16
He will be mostly focused on doing international businesses with those countries that are important for the US foreign affairs that to get read of terrorist
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@mythociate (15740)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
12 Feb 17
Now he's been President for 2-or-3 weeks, and his first 'attempt to protect America from terrorists' (the "Muslim Ban that we can't call a Muslim Ban") hasn't been very effective---being ruled 'illegal' by the federal court (to which President Trump responds, "See You in Court!" ... the man obviously cannot tell 'where he is' or 'who he's talking-to'; and he's still President why? )