How I hate it when people waste my time!

By Amy
Manahawkin, New Jersey
February 22, 2017 7:30am CST
Yesterday I had a dentist apt. My insurance changed and I double checked with the employee that I scheduled the apt before I went to make sure they took it. She confirmed they did. I drove 45 minutes to the dentist for my cleaning. They then told me they didn’t take the insurance and made it like it was my fault! I shouldn’t let little things like this ruin my day but I have to say it did. I don’t like it when people waste my time and don’t even care. I know there are a lot worse things that can happen in life but what the heck. Does anything annoying like this ever happen to you?
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9 Apr
so live according to plan.
@mosherii (397)
19 Mar
When I go through such cases I ensure the people involved get to know how pissed I am. That time, energy and money you used to go to that hospital and yet leave without being served could have been used for something else.
@Hatley (157975)
• Garden Grove, California
27 Feb
I used to get the run around between my hmo and the doctors office I was referred too but since aarp joined my United health care I have had it so good no problem about referrals at all
@rusty2rusty (6747)
• Defiance, Ohio
23 Feb
Yes, that annoys me. For the type of insurance my family uses, we must make sure the dentist takes the insurance we use before making an appointment.
@shaggin (25516)
• United States
22 Feb
I would be pretty angry about this as well. A 45 minute drive is a waste of gas and time!
@pammooratan (4733)
• Delhi, India
22 Feb
You were right to annoying. Once I went for a interview.There receptionist told me to wait. But after a some time I was told interview for postpond next time.
@inertia4 (26913)
• United States
22 Feb
You are blatantly lied to about that. That would annoy me and I would be on the phone with the insurance company screaming at them.
• Philippines
22 Feb
We all do hate it when our time is put to waste. I do not remember now a particular experience but I am sure something similar might have happened to me.
@marguicha (80559)
• Chile
22 Feb
I have, a couple of times, and I have said all I want to tell them in front of other patients
@MALUSE (31861)
• Denmark
22 Feb
Of course, everybody experiences something like that occasionally. I can understand that you got worked up over this. But it doesn't change anything. It only annoys you more.