Handmade hamburgers night.

March 8, 2017 3:36pm CST
Me and my dad wanted to take my mom out to dinner today but she refused and thought it best to stay at home because she wants to make it she never made it again: hamburgers. She has great recipes for handmade hamburgers, and since she's learned some new ones... She wants us to be the first to experiment. I think it will be a funny family night. Do you like handmade hamburgers?
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@jerzgirl (8027)
• Gloucester City, New Jersey
17 Mar 17
I have been eating them all this last week!! I found that I can season the meat before cooking it and it tastes really good - a recent discovery for me that others have probably known for years. I add Adobo seasoning, Mrs. Dash original, fresh ground black pepper and dehydrated onion flakes. Holy cow, are they good!! Last night I decided to just make more of a Salisbury steak with gravy and a potato using the same meat mixture. I so enjoyed it!!
@Lubuto (2261)
• Zambia
9 Mar 17
Homemade food is great.
@NJChicaa (44963)
• United States
9 Mar 17
When we have hamburgers at home, they are always homemade. Even when we have parties and there are 30+ people. I love homemade burgers. YUM!
@ShifaLk (8394)
• India
8 Mar 17
Wow. This is another post which makes me crave at night. I hate you
@fishtiger58 (30320)
• Momence, Illinois
8 Mar 17
I do prefer to make my hamburgers as well, never do I get those frozen ones they just don't taste right. Tomorrow my husband, son and I are going to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner before my son has to work.
@much2say (40057)
• United States
8 Mar 17
Yep! We love home hamburgers . . . they're healthier, and way cheaper than getting them at restaurants! Tasty too!
@snowy22315 (51223)
• United States
8 Mar 17
Yeah, that is how I usually eat hamburgers.
@Happy2BeMe (74975)
• Canada
8 Mar 17
Homemadr burgers are the best. I have yet to have a burger at a restaurant that is as good as a homemade one.