Witnessed a minor accident

@peachpurple (12765)
July 15, 2017 10:30pm CST
Today at 7am in the morning, while I was having early breakfast with my hubby, I had witnessed a minor accident just at the corner of the restaurant. Initially, I saw a rider on his motorcycle was coming towards the restaurant while another Mercedez vehicle was making a left turn to the backlane of the restaurant. From my point of view, since the rider saw the vehicle was turning into the backlane, he should had slowed down the speed of his motorcycle which he didn't. Although it is true that under the road vehicle law, the Mercedez was supposed to stop and allow the motorcycle to pass by first because the rider was on the main road, I still think that the rider should had slowed down the speed, allow the vehicle to make the left turn. Anyway, the motorcycle hit the Mercedez, rammed into the side of the vehicle door, causing a deep dent. The rider fell down from his motorcycle, hurt his palm and the bike was laying down on the road. It was a loud BANG that shocked everyone in the restaurant who went to "busybody" what was going on. Anyway, the Mercedez driver was very calm when he exit from his car while the rider was abusive and bad temper, he pushed the driver hard and started to scold him for not stopping. It was fortunate that the driver managed to calm the rider down, talked to him and amicably agreed to pay him in cash for his minor injury and his motorcycle repair. Honestly, I don't see any damage on the bike, just a scratch on the rider palm because he was wearing long sleeve shirt and pants with shoes and helmet. He was alright. Anyway, they had left the scene of accident, decided to "talk" about the compensation elsewhere since there are many people here in the restaurant watching at them. Would you be able to be remain as calm as the driver did or as abusive as the rider when accident happens?
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@andriaperry (63711)
• Anniston, Alabama
16 Jul 17
Calm, I am really calm in situations like this.
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@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
16 Jul 17
really do not k now how I wouldreact
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@maezee (34545)
• United States
16 Jul 17
Interesting! I witnessed one where a young gal got out and started screaming at this frail old man. I had to call the cops!
@vsai2008 (9898)
• India
16 Jul 17
I never faced a situation like that, I don't know how will I react. Maybe I will freeze
@cahaya1983 (10036)
• Malaysia
16 Jul 17
I'd probably panic in the beginning, but I wouldn't be aggressive like that if I was the victim.
@LadyDuck (188481)
• Switzerland
16 Jul 17
Yes, when the situation is hot I can keep my calm.
@Shavkat (67147)
• Philippines
16 Jul 17
I need to calm down in times like this. Things will be not solved if both parties are in a bad situation.
@Courtlynn (55146)
• United States
16 Jul 17
Never been in an accident thankfully. But i am a hot head when pissed and one would surely get me pissed.