Does anyone read webcomics?

December 8, 2006 5:50pm CST
I love webcomics and spend a good 30 minutes every day reading my favorite ones. is a good site that has comics. Some of my favorites are: College Roomies From Hell Candi Count Your Sheep The Devil's Panties Friendly Hostility Out There Striptease Penny and Aggie No Pink Ponies Sore Thumbs Dominic Deegan Something Positive Girly Girl Genius and I think my favorite of all is: LEAST I COULD DO ( This one is also a very good one: Personal Space: - the other stuff on this site is very good too. Anyone have any recommendations for other webcomics?
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• India
25 Jan 07
thanx 4 ur information. i like to read comics. do u know any website about other comics like tintin, asterix etc.?
• United States
30 Jan 07
I'm sure wikipedia has some links. I'd try the english and the french articles.
• United States
30 Jan 07
I personally like 8-bit theater, Ansem Retort and Misfile. I've been reading Slightly Damned too. The first two are video game parodies, Misfile is about a pothead angel who screwed up two kids' lives by misfiling stuff in Heaven, and Slightly Damned, is well, I'm not really sure at the moment. It's still in its fledgling years. Websites are as follows: 8-bit: Ansem Retort: Slightly Damned: I recommend them.
@xParanoiax (6997)
• United States
24 Jan 07
I read alot of webcomics. I read Girly too so I'll leave it out of the list. I read these awesome comics, which I reccomend all of 'em; Prophecy of Destiny (Which you can find at For the Love of Yaoi (That's hosted on Ctrl+alt+del Jump (ComicGen) Sam and Fuzzy Skewed Reality (Comicgenesis) Galacticus (Comicgenesis) Thirty Years Later (Comicgenesis) Scary Go Round Flux (Comicgenesis) Breathe ( is its address) Talisman (Keenspot) Grey Matters (Comicgenesis) Earthsong Timescapes Undertow Abstract Gender Skyfall Crow Feathers Oh My Gods! (At All roses have thorns (Comicgen) Zesty! (At yaoi press) Closet Space The Adventures of Doctor McNinja Grayling Invloch Niego Questionable Content Clan of the Cats