Mohammed is the most popular name in England!

@dorypanda (1584)
December 27, 2006 10:04am CST (if the link doesn't work it's at '' I've just received an email from Acramax Publishing, in it it has weird news, amongst the weird news was this article, stating that the most popular name in England is now Mohammed. Does that mean that their are less Christans than Muslims in England now, or does it mean that the English are using that name more, just to blend in better?
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@pumpkinjam (5782)
• United Kingdom
29 Dec 06
That's been one of the most popular names in England for years. I think maybe it's not necessarily because there are more Muslims than Christians here, it might just be that non-Muslims give their children nice names and there is more of a variety, whereas half the Muslim popuation (and one or three non-Muslims) are called Mohammed. Or it might be that there are too many foreigners.
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@nannacroc (4049)
27 Dec 06
It's probably because people daren't use Christian names now in case it offends the Muslims.
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@RieRie (821)
27 Dec 06
It's probably what most of the immigrants are called, I know if I had kids I wouldn't call them Mohammed, it's a horrible name anyway. I've noticed that about 2% of people I see in London are English and the rest are foreign.
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