What will you do if your child.....

Adult content - You cannot be vivid in your image.Aren't you?
By Bala
@balasri (26553)
January 13, 2007 1:13am CST
has seen an adult content web page you forgot to close and start to ask inquisitive questions?How will you handle the situation?
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@mcrowl (1050)
• New Zealand
13 Jan 07
I would be asking myself why am I looking at adult sites in the first place? They're bad news for adults as well as children. If you don't want your children to see these sites, don't go there.
@Ciniful (1589)
• Canada
13 Jan 07
Luckily that's one situation I won't need to consider, since it will never happen. As a responsible parent, I don't visit websites with my kids around that I feel are inappropriate for them to view. If I do have to visit a site with adult related content, I would do it once they're in bed, or in school, and I always shut down all browser pages on the computer when I step away from it, and throw it on standby, simply for the health of my PC.