Eating lot of EGG is good or bad for health ???

February 2, 2007 6:10am CST
Is it increases colestrole.
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@FreakQD (867)
• India
14 Feb 07
Eating eggs are good for health but too much of anything is good for nothing. If you consume more eggs, you might suffer from heat problems.
@SignMe (1031)
• India
2 Feb 07
It depends on your body type I think. Egg generates lot of body heat, it is very good for most of the people. But it is not good for many. The reason is exccess heat from eating eggs generates ulser,pimple etc. Also it increases fatness in body :)
@radesh (694)
• India
2 Feb 07
1 egg per day is good for health but more than two is very bad and it affects our helth and results in many obese related diseases
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
2 Feb 07
I'm not sure what is actually good or bad for us any more. We have all heard alot of speculation on many foods. I think we are all going to die of something and no one knows exactly what to eat to try to prolong life.
@ezzrssi (11195)
• Italy
2 Feb 07
if you eat some egg is good for healt but if you eat a lot of eggs is bad for colesterole
@amaine (2037)
• Philippines
2 Feb 07
well my friend, , as we all know too much of everything is bad for us right? so i say too much egg is bad for us , , plus , , you're right , , it increases our cholsetoerol level , , one egg a day is enough