United States
October 10, 2006 5:13pm CST
Can you pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time?
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@KrauseHome (35514)
• United States
31 Dec 06
I have tried it and I can do so if I really concentrate on it, but a lot of the time, I just seem to loose focus on what I am trying to do, so I never can do it much.
• United States
1 Jan 07
Yes - concentrate on patting your head and your hand will just more round your tummy!
@sunita64 (6473)
• India
31 Jan 07
I tried doing it , was difficult but can do it with a slow speed.
@riyasam (16578)
• India
4 Jan 07
i tried.but i couldnt do it.ill try again.maybe with practice i can
@rmuxagirl (7561)
• United States
20 Oct 06
actually yes I can. My friend and I tried this a while back...for some reason we were trying to do things people say can't be done like licking your friend can do that.
@pumpkinjam (5800)
• United Kingdom
20 Oct 06
yes. It's really easy. It's just a matter of concentration. People can multitask. The thing about not being able to do it is something to do with your arms wanting to do the same thing as each other but, if you think about all the other things you do which require each arm/hand working independently, even simple things such as eating with a knife and fork, you'll see why there is no reason not to be able to rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time.