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February 8, 2007 3:51pm CST
What are your true and honest feelings/opinion about Barak Obama running for presidency?
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14 Feb 07
hes got my vote so far we shure need change and I believe he is the one to bring it !
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@KATRINKA (1659)
• United States
4 Aug 07
I didn't know much about Barak Obama until I watched the recent CNN/UTube debate. I was impressed with him, and I wanted to know more. I picked up his book, Dreams From My Father. He writes beautifully, and through reading his book, I've gained even more respect for him. I'm a registered Republican, but I don't vote straight ticket. I listen to all the candidates and their issues. If Obama gets the Dem nomination, I may vote for him.
• United States
21 Feb 08
the tide is turning for BO and it is only a matter of time as this country has lost so many things that our children will not like what the future will bring if we don't make drastic changes now..we cannot have such wealth and poverty in the same country..this is insanity..millions of people are suffering for basic needs in the USA..young people and old will suffer if social and economic changes are not made... so BO has to be the only choice left as we already saw what the GOP has been offering for the last four years..and Hilary had her chance and showed her true colors...Hilary will be the same as she was in the white house and even before in Arkansas..very crafty but not a person to lead us out of this mess we are in both home and abroad..we need a positive thinker and a motivator.
@jahrock (111)
30 May 08
As an interested onlooker in England, I have been following the news of the Obama/Clinton fight for the Democratic nomination, and as it will be a landmark victory if either of them gets to the White House, I thought there would be more discussion among the Mylot community. That begs the question of whether people care or not, unless it is also a mark of the extent to which people are losing faith with the old established political order. Here in the UK, the incumbent Prime Minister is going thru a tough time personally and politically, because at the end of the day when people feel pain thru price increases right across the board, from petrol to everyday groceries in the shops, we all look for somebody to blame, and the man or woman at the top of the tree gets the blame, especially when their party has been in charge of the country for the last ten years. The person who becomes the next president of the USA will have a major problem trying to recover from the disaster of the war in Iraq, and if the present threat of worldwide recession becomes a reality, that will be another big hurdle. Will you vote for party or candidate?
@mehale (2200)
• United States
31 Aug 07
I still don't know enough about this candidate to make an informed decision on him running for office. He does not have a lot of experience in the political world as of yet, and this is both a good thing and a bad thing. Lack of experience will hurt his chances of earning the Democratic Nomination, but on the other hand, it would give Washington a much needed infusion of "new blood". I will have to do more research on his stand on the important issues, as well as his short history in politics before I make my choice.
@tigertang (1750)
• Singapore
15 Jun 08
I think its a good thing that he's made it this far. I mean, does America, the land that was founded on getting rid of a king, need to have a series of Presidents all comming from the same families (Bush-Clinton-Bush)? Seriously, the way certain families in the USA become crowned as "Royal" is rather sad, especially when you consider the premises on which America was founded. I like the fact that his name is Barak "Hussien" Obhama and you've had loads of people on Mylot slagging him off as a secret Muslim fundimentalist who will sell the nation down the tube. It's a sign that he could represent something new to a country that has suffered from pretty much the same approach to politics. I think its wonderfully significant that a man with a Muslim sounding name can become a Presidential candidate during the era where we are in a "War on Terror." It should inspire many African Americans that they can aspire to the highest office in the land. However, leaving symbolism aside, the man has yet to be tested on his policies. Thus far he's succeede by bringing a message of hope and change but has yet to come up with anything resembling a plan of action. He needs to do that before he shows he deserves to be president.