Pillars of the Earth

@gotbot (46)
United States
February 15, 2007 9:28am CST
Pillars of the Earth is my all-time favorite novel. The tale is epic, the cathedral building aspect is facinating and the characters range from lovable to absolutely horrible. It's such a wonderful story. I was just on Follet's web site and was excited to see that he's writing a sequel to it called "World Without End" which is due out in October. This was a delightful surprise since it's been 18 years since Pillars came out! Let's discuss Pillars of the Earth. Have you read it? Favorite parts?
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@smartpk (193)
• Pakistan
15 Feb 07
its quiet nice novel but i often get time to read these completely just go through and get the central idea.
@RobinJ (2501)
• Canada
15 Feb 07
I read this book a few times and enjoyed it very much, I tried to read some of his other work and just couldn't get in to it. There was no particular part that I enjoyed more than others because it was so well written, the character's were very realistic, and I could imagine that is how they would behave in that time period, all except the lady that the builder finally married, as that would have been a real exception to the rule in those days but she was written so that it did sound feasible. I truly will look forward to his new book.
@jwfarrimond (4474)
15 Feb 07
I have never read it. But after reading the posts here, I'll look it up on Amazon. It sounds just like the the sort of book that I like - a good historical novel. Thanks for bringing it to my attention:)
• United States
15 Feb 07
I also love Pillars of the Earth. It is my favorite by Ken Follett, but he has written many others I like also. What I enjoy about him as an author is that none of his books are even remotely similar. Jackdaws is one of my other favorites. My favorite part of pillars is the beggining. Its just such as masterful introduction to a story!
@brihanna (381)
• United States
15 Feb 07
AHHHH, "the boys always came early to the hangings" or something like that, right? Yes, I truly enjoy this book. I did not know about a sequel. Thanks for the update. I think Pillars of the Earth is a book which one can read at different times in thier lives and relate to different characters, or different episodes in the book. I have read it several times, and each time I love it more. I think, also because it expands such a long history and there are so many characters, it is not like re-reading a book because there are parts that you have forgotten about, or pages that become important when previously they weren't. My 2nd favorite book, aside from the bible.