Speech reignition software?

February 18, 2007 1:25am CST
Does anyone know of some good speech reignition software? If you do, would I be able to use it to post and reply on myLot with it? I am a slave to two finger typing and I would like to brake out of bondage.
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• United States
18 Feb 07
Yes, Dragon Naturally Speaking 8 made by ScanSoft is the best I've tried. I use it and love it. It is accurate and fast. The Web site is www.scansoft.com. I think you would benefit tremendously. Good luck!
• Thailand
19 Feb 07
Thanks,I checked this out and I think I will go this way.
• Australia
18 Feb 07
yes dragonnaturallyspeaking is the best software for voice recognition ever. i have used it and it is very very accurate. and it can be used with mylot or any software in windows.
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@cripfemme (7718)
• United States
28 Aug 11
I'm using it to answer this post right now. I think Dragon NaturallySpeaking is kind of miracle for me because I always had to write slower than my mind went because I have cerebral palsy. Now after only few days I have more than doubled my typing speed. This promises great things for me in the future, because I will now be able to keep up with graduate-level work in an MFA program. This is something I've always wanted to do, but didn't think my fingers could cope with. When I type in Mylot I find that Dragon works better when you type into word and then copy it over, but that's small price to pay for the freedom of I'm granted.
@vogelvrij (196)
• Netherlands
11 Apr 07
I am a new user from the speech recognition software right now. I am learning it bit by bit and I cannot talk that quickly yet because also English is not my natural language, that's Dutch, but for what I can say about it right now it's fun to use and it surely will prevent me from getting RSI into my hands and wrists. So I am planning to use this more often because when you exercise this software more and more, it it will get you a lot more typings per minute then you will have when you just type it all in by hand. I am already very happy with the software although it will take just another couple of days before I can fluently speak and also can follow in a quick what the system gives me. I am now using Dragon naturally speaking version 9, that gives me my mother language, Dutch, and also American English like I use here. It's sure a fun.
• Malaysia
18 Feb 07
is there any open source speech recognition software as in free that u know of and is good?