Hidden Writing Markets

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February 20, 2007 11:13am CST
I wrote this article around a year ago for an online magazine, just thought i would share it with all the freelance writers out there Most writers have already decided how it is they want to make their living off of writing, However every writer should know that it is possible to make an income doing all kinds of different writing. This article was written to inform of the hidden markets available to writers, that many have not considered or were not aware of. Read through and see what appeals to you, you might even come up with your own ideas based on the ones listed in this article, Thats great!!! go with it. Lets begin shall we.... Advertisements Take a look at the ads you see posted in shop windows or in your local newspapers. Look for the ads that have that "homemade" look about them, the ones that make you think ' I could do a better job than that' . Make a list of all the businesses that look as though they could use a creative hand with their advertising. Before approaching any make sure you design a few 'sample' advertisements, to show them what you are capable of. Then move in for the kill, even a few small commissions to get you started will help you to build a reputable portfolio. Special Occasions eg: Anniversaries/Birthdays/Weddings The above occasions are being celebrated by people everywhere, everyday. How can you turn your writing skills into a money making proposition that will help people make these occasions even more special? Anniversaries- Interview the person commissioning your work, to find out all you can about the happy couple. Write a tribute to them celebrating what married life has meant to them both. Make the article both humorous and sentimental. Present your work in beautifully bound way, for the couple to enjoy and pass on for years to come. Birthdays- There are many ways to use your writing skills when it comes to birthdays. For children you can try creating clues for a treasure hunt. For all ages you could use your skills to create funny rhymes for the birthday guy/gal and present them in a frame or on a scroll ( Try something a little Risque for the 40/50 year old birthdays). Write a testimonial speech for a significant birthday. Weddings- For weddings you could offer a package that includes creating special verse for place cards, create the invitations and assist in speech writing. You could also create a specially crafted book showing how the bride and groom met, interviews with friends and photos of special moments. Try advertising this service by leaving brochures at your local function centers. Cards Try creating your own line of greeting cards for all occasions, you can use rhyme, Inspirational quotes, even humorous one-liners. Heres a few ideas to get you started Mother's Day Father's Day Valentines Day Retirement Birthdays Christmas Bon Voyage The options are endless Columns Open any magazine and you will find endless columns of a variety of different subjects. To write a column first and foremost you need to be an “expert?? on something. You need to be able to format the content of the column so it is neatly wrapped up in a short amount of words. Write a couple of sample columns to show potential editors that you have what it takes. Cookbooks Cookbooks are always a popular seller. Try collecting all your favorite recipes and creating a cookbook of your own. Create a themed cookbook eg: finger food for children's parties, low fat recipes etc. If you cant find a publisher try self publishing and selling it for yourself. Family Histories Family history is becoming very popular, people can buy genealogy software to create their family dreams and enjoy the process of contacting their family members to obtain photographs and information. Putting it all together is another story, if you can find a way of offering a service in which you can collect and put together a family history in an interesting way you will find a ready made market. There are books around that can provide a basis for creating family histories, and if you can scan in photos to create an attractive final product even better! Try creating your own family history first to show potential clients as a sample of your services. Job Applications and Resumes Many job seekers have a hard time writing application letters. If you believe you have a knack for writing a letter that will stand our from the rest, is lively yet professional then you could be just what the job seeker needs. Start by writing application letters to 10 or so different advertisements in your local paper. Vary the letters in styles in accordance to the different positions advertised, use these to show your potential clients. Try offering a service that offers to create resumes as well and advertise next to the employment section of your local papers. The opportunities out there for writers are endless, aside from the ideas i have listed here there are literally thousands of ways to turn your love of writing into a profitable income. Play around with the ideas here or use them as springboard for creating your own, whatever the case Enjoy and Good luck!
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20 Feb 07
Thanks for the info! You have a lot of great ideas here...glad you shared!
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20 Feb 07
Thanks! I copied, pasted and printed that, and am gonna read it later! And save it for futere reference.
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20 Feb 07
I guess the idea is to apply creativity to your markets much as you do your writing. Do you know of any card companies that buy verses?