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United States
February 25, 2007 12:09pm CST
I have just finished knitting my first hat and the results were good, but the hat is a hair too big for me to wear. I've heard some talk here that people donate their knitted goods and even that there may be a specific charity for hats for homeless people. I would hate to unfurl or throw my hat away, since it is sort of nice. Where do you donate your knits or where would you suggest I donate my hat?
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• Australia
27 Feb 07
Quite often I'll use the scraps of my knitting to crochet squares and turn them into blankets, or I'll get a knitting addiction to hats or socks. When Ive made alot and handed out a few to family and friends I donate the rest to assorted charities. You can use some similar places that I use... I donate mainly to a particular Womens Refuge in the city which is run by The Salvation Army and also to local groups. And I make Trauma Bears for the local hospital, Ambulance service, the local Police Station's and the Volunteer Fire Brigade's, who give them to children. Other idea's include. Local churches who give them to the homeless and lower income persons. Womens refuge's, who have children as well as women who are escaping domestic violence and some of whom are homeless for one reason or another. There are also other charity groups like Red Cross, Salvation Army. Girl Scouts and the Food Vans (or other food distributors who feed the homeless) have access to persons in need. The Red Cross and Salvation Army give the items to both local, international and area's who have had a tradgety happen (ie flodding, major fires, volcano's etc). Any other local charity group who give out food vouchers or food and Child Welfare agencies may also be greatful for donations.
@cutepenguin (6457)
• Canada
26 Feb 07
I would try a homeless or an emergency shelter. I donate mine to a homeless shelter, but emergency shelters often need things too.
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@BeachBaby (819)
• United States
25 Feb 07
mabey a salvation army or non profit organization ,, there are many places to do it.. depending on where you live you could just call your local salvation army and ask of such places.. Good luck and Im sure someone will be happy to have that hat
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• United States
11 Oct 11
speaking of charity knitting i think it would be a good idea to get a small group together of knitters to knit different things to give to charity especially in this holiday season where there will be many different families that need a little extra help i think it is a good thing that you are willing to donate your hat that you cannot use to charity there are not very many good people in the world like that now a days most people want money or something in return for it i do not know where you could donate it other than a salavation arm drop box you may be able to look it up online and figure it out though
@SilPhil (267)
• Australia
4 Mar 07
There are heaps of places! Where I live a pharmacy runs a program caleld 'Guardian Angel' where people knit kids/babies things and they get sent to third world countries. With bigger items, like blankets and things I take them up to the Salvation Army. I usually talk to the people in the store though, I want to make sure my items are being given to people in need, not sold through the shops. I guess its not such a big deal though, either way it helps the needy. I know maternity and kids hospitals also appreciate premmie and newborn size beanies, booties, mittens and jackets. They use them on the babies that need help maintaining their temps. So theres a few suggestions for you!