Cold potatoes poison????

United States
March 5, 2007 12:01pm CST
baked potatoe - Can cold potatoes be poison?
I have been told for as long as I can remember that if you eat mashed potatoes or baked potatoes after they set out on the cabinet and cool off, that you could die with some sort of food poisoning. I am talking about say you make a baked potatoe and eat only half and then set it on the cabinet and then come back later to finish it. I know it may sound silly and my mom does have some funny old wives tales that she believes like the cat will suck the babies breath and kill it...LOL. But, I could have sworn that I actually read this somewhere. I am terrified to save boiled potatoes that are leftover or anything because of this. My husband does it all the time and he isn't dead yet. LOL But, I am just curious if anyone else has heard this? Is there some sort of truth to it? I know most old wives tales have some sort of truth to it. Thanks