saving money and spending money wisely..

March 12, 2007 10:34am CST
i need some help in how to spend and save money wisely. i have a problem in this department. i wasted so much money on things that i don't need. i also don't pay bills on time because i am afraid if i pay them we won't have any money. when i get paided at work not even by the next week i am in the minus. . and it is not good, i spend this money on things that i don't need. i was never taught how to handle money and i never needed to be responsible about money. my mom and dad never taught me that stuff i don't know why because my mom is really good at safing and spending wisely, i always ask myself why didn't she teach me that stuff. i need to stop buying things that i don't need and i really have a spending problem. when i am bored i go to the store and buy things that i don't need. i want to learn how to safe and learn how to pay my bills with out greaving because i payed the bills with my money that i made at work. if anyone has some good advice please i need it...thanks
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@nill_07 (1104)
• Bangladesh
13 Mar 07
You should have a plan about your week.& try to give up your unnecessary expenses.Think how much money you have & how many days are left.... Be disciplined.. Thanks.
@wishangel (225)
• Malaysia
13 Mar 07
firstly i sugggest you stop buying uncertain thing on order dont increase you liability,secondly i will suggest you get some part time job to earn more money and repay for you payment, you can invest some money in this here , lastly you can chat with the friend or do some excecise to spend you boring time
13 Mar 07
theres a site called and this is an excellent site for people who want to save more money etc.. im a regular on there :)
@peavey (16845)
• United States
12 Mar 07
You've got some good advice from the others, but I would add this: When you want to buy something, tell yourself that you can have it in three days if you still want it. A lot of impulse buys are things that we really don't want, but they're marketed in such a way that we have a hard time dealing with the temptation. Track all of your expenses, as others have said, but add a little twist to it. Compare the total of your unnecessary spending with the total of one of your bills, then think of how much bettr off you'd be if that bill had been paid instead. I can give you lots of reasons to pay your bills on time. One of them is that it costs you more money if you don't. Interest charges, late fees and so on, really add up. If you pay on time, you'll soon have more money than ever that you can spend on something you really want. Set a goal and think about it every morning. What do you really, really want that money can buy? Set that goal and get your bills paid off and quit spending otherwise so you can have it. Good luck!
@cutepenguin (6456)
• Canada
12 Mar 07
Try keeping track of the money you spend. Either keep receipts and enter the information every day onto a piece of paper, or carry around a little notebook. This will help you see where you are spending your money. Try to stop yourself from spending money. Each time you do manage to stop yourself, take the money you would have spent and transfer it into your savings account, or if it was physical money, put it into a separate envelope or jar. Watch this add up - it feels good! Once you have an idea of where your money is going, you might find areas to cut back. Maybe you can do things like go to the mall less often - instead of going to a store when you are bored, go to the library and borrow a book for free. Or call a friend to come over and have a little coffee or tea in your home. Chat and enjoy your time without regrets. When I am bored I like to do crafts, but maybe you might like to: go skating go swimming go out for a small coffee and read the newspaper do volunteer work go to the park For inspiration, I like to read other people's blogs about how they are getting out of debt.
@lonewolfnan (4367)
• Canada
12 Mar 07
Welcome to MyLot and welcome to the world of budgetting.You sound like you are not sure where your money is going so start writing every penny you spend so in a week you can see WHERE the money is going.Take all your monthly bills and pay then first.What is left is what you can maximim spend.Buy things you NEED only on sale.Compare prices.Take a list with you and stick to the list.Pay the bills to relieve stress and you will be much happier in the long run.(I live on less than $900 a month before bills but still put money aside every month so I KNOW it can be done).