How would myLot change?

April 1, 2007 2:10am CST
If myLot were to come under Sharia or Islamic law how would it change? What could you discuss and what would be forbidden? Would you have to change your avatar? Would this be a change for the better or would it be a terrible infringement on your freedom?
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• United States
2 Apr 07
I am sure discussions of how great Mohammad was would be allowed. Perhaps, we might trade tips on how to make our wives behave and obey better? The women could discuss how to better serve Allah by making their husbands happy. You know, things like that could be and would be discussed. So, I guess not everything would be bad. Just kidding! I am not sure if I would have to change my avatar, but it would be adviseable. I believe Islam considers dogs to be unclean or dirty. There I am in my avatar hugging a dog. Certainly I would not want my reputation affect by anything like that. Or, perhaps it already is?
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• United States
2 Apr 07
"They would probably not let you on myLot if you own a dog." Then I would be banned for sure. Not only do I own a dog, several former girl friends are willing to swear before Allah I am a dog. Or a pig, take your choice.
• Sri Lanka
16 Apr 07
First of all there will have to be an Islamic authority to decide on the laws. Laws need not be according to the book. As you can see Islamic laws can change territorially. Pakistan is a Muslim country but had a female president who wears short frocks when not in power. But Saudi Arabia registered queen Elisabeth as Mr.Elisabeth and made her legally male to entertain her as a leader to the country. So you can see that laws can differ from place to place. If we go to radical Islam, even drawing Micky Mouse is wrong. So we cannot have an avatar.