Why is it bad luck to kill a spider?r

United States
@pyewacket (43930)
April 7, 2007 11:13pm CST
Okay this might be a silly thing to ask...but this was a saying my great-grandmother used to say...that it was bad luck to kill a spider..Now I can understand why that might be a belief in certain Native American cultures, such as the Navajo..but my great-grandmother wasn't..Navajo that is...but of Celtic (Irish) blood. So I was wondering...have you ever heard this saying..I'm curious as to how many other cultures might have that belief..and to this day, thank goodness I'M NOT scared of spiders, and you might think this odd I me...but if I do see one..I don't kill it...like just now...I saw one in my kitchen..scooped it into a cup and put it into one of my flower pots!! Just curious folks...if you ever heard this old wives tale kind of thing