It's a Sad Day

Peoria, Arizona
July 7, 2022 7:43pm CST
So, this comes with a bit of a story I was working out last night when a song came across a random playlist I was listening to. I was like "I know this song...oh no this is going to hurt" because it feat. one of my favorite creators who got cancelled a couple of years ago and he went away from the internet and it has really hurt because I used to have my life surrounded with his content, like hours upon hours of watching him for like YEARS But I hadn't heard his voice fully in a couple of years and I'm like...I can do this...I will be okay..nope...nope I was riding my stationary bike and crying XD So I finish, still a little shaken up, cooling down and calmin down. I look at my phone and see the breaking news that Kazuki Takahashi had died, and I'm just like...I WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT YU-GI-OH WHAT THE HECK and I was really upset. I didn't play a lot of yu-gi-oh but I loved the show. And then when sleeping, I had a dream that combined Yu-Gi-Oh and this content creator, I was playing with him, he used to play a lot of the online Yu-Gi-Oh like it much, and I couldn't even wake up crying, because my throat hurt. So, it is a pretty emotional day for me. I'll be okay, but wow..that hit harder than I thought
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@Kandae11 (48400)
8 Jul
My son is an anime fan, so he knows about him. Sorry for your pain.
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@celticeagle (137149)
• Boise, Idaho
8 Jul
Sad to hear this. What a shock!
@LadyDuck (409238)
• Switzerland
8 Jul
I am so sorry, I can understand your pain.
@JudyEv (287080)
• Rockingham, Australia
8 Jul
I'm sorry you've been so upset by these things. I hope you're feeling a bit better by now.
• Defuniak Springs, Florida
8 Jul
I;m sorry lovebug! She child has watched some YuGiOh, but she's gotten way more into Pokemon. Lol, I remember Yugioh was outlawed at my school. I went to a Church or Christ school, so you know, it didn't revolve around Jesus, must've been from the devil lol