All work and no play

@GardenGerty (151982)
United States
May 26, 2023 7:55am CST
Well, we tidied up the front yard yesterday. No wonder I got hot and sweaty. We will need to find something more fun to do today. Of course after we came in last night we went through old church hymnals. For music nerds like we are, it was fun. I stayed up too late, of course, but still got up early. We may need to go buy some quick things, like lunch meats. My daughter is helping get the pilot lights turned off on the four furnaces.That will save some natural gas money and reduce how much air conditioning we use, so will reduce electricity as well. No one is up but me and the cats, so that is why I have time to be here. Perhaps I will go take a nap.
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@Dena91 (18257)
• United States
26 May
I mowed our yard on Monday and today at the church. Going to have a lot of rain over the weekend so I needed to get both done before it comes.
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@RubyHawk (90728)
• Atlanta, Georgia
27 May
You must be an early riser. I get to bed late and get up late.
@AmbiePam (64312)
• United States
26 May
I’m sure the cats are waiting to see you sleep so they can take over the house. As if they wouldn’t do it while you were awake.
@rebelann (107531)
• El Paso, Texas
26 May
It's always satisfying when we do things that we deem fun or interesting Oh, just thought I would share that wasps don't like peppermint so if you were to put some peppermint essential oil on your neck and other places they probably will stay away from you.
@RebeccasFarm (103469)
• Wheat Ridge, Colorado
26 May
I hope you are relaxing some now then.
@LindaOHio (122676)
• United States
26 May
You have four furnaces? Wow. Our pilot light stays on all year around. During the spring and fall the heat runs sporadically. Hope you enjoy your long weekend.
@wolfgirl569 (78277)
• Marion, Ohio
26 May
Hope you have a fun day. Saving money is always good
@JudyEv (311820)
• Rockingham, Australia
26 May
How long is your daughter staying? Be sure to have lots of fun while you have her there.