A Lazy Rainy Monday

United States
September 18, 2023 9:29am CST
Happy Monday Everyone! it's a rainy day here today and I have nothing planned. A perfectly good day to relax, read, crochet and catch up on some tv shows. My daughter left yesterday for her cruise to Bermuda. I'm hoping they don't hit rough seas as I see hurricanes forming and since my sense of geography is horrible I don't know if it will impact the cruise. I'm sure they'll have a great time. My daughter is traveling with three friends and only my daughter has been to Bermuda before. She went last summer with my oldest daughter and her family and they had a wonderful time. This time she's going on a different ship so all that will be a new experience for her. So, this week it's just me and the pup. I know my oldest daughter will pop over here and there and if I need anything she's only 5 minutes away. So far I'm enjoying a day with no expectations and just sitting here enjoying my coffee. How's your Monday going?
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@LindaOHio (131769)
• United States
19 Sep
I've been to Bermuda twice and loved it. Now our preferred spot is the Florida Keys. Have a good time enjoying your "me" time. Nothing much going on here. Have a good day.
@Tampa_girl7 (50100)
• United States
19 Sep
We had a nice Monday.
@celticeagle (148671)
• Boise, Idaho
18 Sep
Bermuda would be nice to see. Sounds like a wonderful time you're having.
@allknowing (126069)
• India
19 Sep
Hope they will avoid the Bermuda Triangle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bermuda_Triangle
@LadyDuck (437402)
• Switzerland
19 Sep
I am glad you had a good Monday. Good luck to your daughter, I hope the weather will be fine and the ocean smooth.
@wolfgirl569 (82442)
• Marion, Ohio
18 Sep
Hope she has a wonderful trip. Enjoy your time
@AmbiePam (76681)
• United States
18 Sep
I am about to light incense, and am wondering if that makes me a hippie. The tiny turtle incense holder tells me no. Hopefully, you have a fantastic day, and enjoy your time as a wild and crazy single lady!
@snowy22315 (159248)
• United States
18 Sep
Pretty well, I must have over indulged in salt this past weekend though as I can tell by the swelling in my fingers...bad Snowy!! Not again!
@dodo19 (46507)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
18 Sep
I hope your daughter enjoys her cruise. I also hope you enjoy your week with the house to yourself. It's pretty cloudy here. I'm at work. Although I'd much rather be home. It seems like a good day to be home, watch some tv and do some reading.
@RebeccasFarm (109884)
• Wheat Ridge, Colorado
18 Sep
Its cloudy here today..mundane Monday.
@marlina (154832)
• Canada
18 Sep
Enjoy the week.
@just4him (285521)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
18 Sep
It's a perfect day to relax and catch up on all those projects. No expectations are perfect.
@Beestring (12262)
• Hong Kong
18 Sep
The sun finally comes out today. Since it's not too hot, I took the morning walk.
@Gilljane (1145)
• United Kingdom
18 Sep
The sun has come out here. I am relaxing. Have a good week
@cabuyogty (1876)
18 Sep
It's not rainy here. I have a chillin' day only. Have a nice day!